Passive income - CryptoMiner Idle game

Some months ago, I've created my account on CryptoMiner.


CryptoMiner is an Idle game like a lot of them but this one offers many great features.

First of them, here you are a crypto mining company and you have to manage your miners and sellers. With time you unlock several boosts and minigames.

You need to level up every persons which brings money to the company, miners, managers, sellers, technicians. Everyone has his own skills and utility.

  • The miners, when you upgrade it, you upgrade the pc, or mining server. This results in increasing the mining speed.
  • The technician. Upgrading it results in a better infrastructure, better alimentation. If it is too low level, the mining rigs will be low-powered and be slowed down.
  • The traders. The higher the level is, the higher is the amount of crypto they are able to sell at once. If it's too low level, they will sell crypto slower than they're earned by mining.
    You can see efficiency of both next to them.

You have to complete some quests to be able to buy new miners :

When you have enough miner rigs in a single building you'll be able to unlock more buildings that will help you to earn more XP :
The buildings in grey are the one which are locked for now.

There is a in-game money that can unlock chests which contain new characters who have boosts or timed boosts.

For me, the characters are really interesting but the boosts like trees or cats which make x2 for a mining rig are really not worth it.

There is also a prestige feature. Which allow to to restart the game with a boost to your earnings and skill points.

The best part of the game is what makes it really unique.

You are paid to play ! 💵

Whenever you play, you earn some XP, this XP is used to place you on the leaderboard. Depending of your position on this leaderboard, you will earn some Hora tokens each week.

To earn XP, you just have to play. Finish quests, buy a lot of everything, and the easiest way to earn XP is to participate in events, where you can earn 100Xp really quickly and up to 1100 for the one which is on now !

I really don't play often, and I just reached Platinum league :

Thanks to this league, I will earn 600 Hora per week, which is around $0,03. I don't even need to play and I'll earn, but if I continue to play, I would probably earn more because I'll earn some XP.

Withdrawing Hora is very simplex you juste need to have a Tron account on any Wallet which is TRC20 compatible :

If you want to play the game and earn, consider to use referral link, and start earning.

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