The super hyper mega complete guide to Rising Star Game

Welcome Buskerians to the definitive guide

We start with the creation of a complete guide to the game Rising Star explaining every aspect of the game (currently), I will use links to post that complement the information required for each of the details and actions, accompanied with images and more😺.

The points we will take are sufficient and ordered so that you can find what you want to know more quickly


  1. First features, withdrawal of deposit token, mobile link and (fans; skill; luck; im)
  2. The ranking, complemented by the IM
  3. How to buy cards and the various options
  4. To be able to play much more and better, the following boosters are available
  5. The mission and the millionaire letter
  6. Special missions
  7. Missions and the 4 islands
  8. Festival World Tour and blend
  9. Music Promoter
  10. Custom Shop
  11. Record Staking
  12. Proposal to help bring more users to Hive via Rising Star

🌟1) Getting started in the game, first sightings

Mainly we will start on this page, in start mission it will take us to the menu to play, in cards it will show us all the cards in the game and in color the ones we have, differentiating from the type of card, such as characters, instruments, festival, booster and others

In Account it will show us a menu with different functions that I will explain below

  1. Here the starbits claimed from the millionaire mission will appear, a mission that I will explain later, it will leave us the date and time history of when we claim so we can keep track

  2. Similar to point (1), but with the starbits earned from the normal missions of the game, (obviously not counting the millionaire mission)

  3. Here the packs of cards that we open will appear, it will show us which cards touch us with their respective letter code, their letter and number, so we can see if something happens while we open the packs as an internet interruption which were the ones we got

  4. Withdraw: Claim the total starbits of the game, we can also claim 1000, 5000 or 10,000, or the Withdraw on the red sign that we would claim the totals.
    There are also other points here, we can also claim or deposit both starbits and starpro (currency with another function within the game)

In "play on mobile" we will obtain a link to be able to play from the cell phone, take into account the terms and conditions of the game, 1 unique account for a single user of the same

Well, let's start with "Start a mission", it will take us to the next main menu, where we will spend most if not almost all of the time. And we start.

We start with this letter, the (1) that is not an nft, nobody owns it, it "lends" it to us, so to speak the game to begin with, when we choose another in its place as you can see in the image above, those statistics that he adds the card "The Busker" it disappears, so remove it when you have fans in quantity, those 10 that he lends you at the beginning are helpful.
And as you will see, the members of the band would also be blocked, later I will tell you how to get them.

At the start of the game we get a lot of possible interactions, let's focus on the main thing and what the game is probably about, having more fans (and the other stats), I'm talking about fans; skill; luck; im; ego.

The fans can be acquired with nfts cards, which we buy in the market or in the packs sold by the game itself, every 50 fans that we add to our account are +1 starbits that is added to the maximum that we can get in the missions that I will show next.

Luck, important in the game, is the one that gives us the most chance to get drunk fans at the end of each mission (drunk fans last 12 hours), our goal is to have more luck of 1 type of instrument to do lessons and get skill with it is considered that every 10 of luck (in instrument cards) to add 1 more skill to the maximum in the missions and the luck in characters add more to obtain drunken fans

The skill, important when reaching level 15 or passing 1000 fans, is the one that defends us from the damn ego, once we pass that limit of level and fans what the ego will do is reduce the profits in starbits, the The only way to obtain skill is by buying cards that have more skill than fans or doing music lessons, as I mentioned before with Luck, we must have many instruments of 1 type and do the lessons to gain skill and the ego percentage does not increase

The im serves to increase the position in the ranking of players, this section will be explained below by enlasing this IM It raises us 20% in the ranking

🌟2) The ranking of the game🌟

We can see this section of the ranking by suggesting the following path:

Player Rankings

As I show in the IM section, we have things that are more "important" to climb to the top, they are the unique cards CU +40%, which are the cards we have, they do not count repeated, but they do count for the number of cards that is the next point that adds +30% to the ranking
There are rewards for being at the top, previously modified, I will leave you the official link of the game so you can see the change that occurred in it, but currently about 10 swap.hive is distributed among the 77th positions, always giving more to the highest

🌟3) Buy cards - different options

I will take a minute here to show how to buy cards, in the ways that exist at the moment of creating this post, since it is very important and to know the variety of possibilities, come on!

There is the internal market of the game that we can buy cards separately


In my opinion I don't use this section, but if you want to do it as I know you can go to "your collection" and when you click on a card these two options will appear, when you put it in market you can search for the price you want to pay and be able to buy said card , (tokens must be in your wallet)

Another option is the @foxon app, a page where we can buy the cheapest cards wholesale by fan, by luck, skill and even buy the unique cards that we need

If you are afraid or uncertain of the links that I leave in this post, you can find the direct access within the game in the following place

In third place and not for that reason the worst (it is the one I use the most) is:

@ydaiznfts/bienvenidos-a-mi-tercer-post8 months ago I wrote my third post within hive, and it is related to how to use NFTmart, so I leave it below to be a basic guide to the use of the platform

Then there is the option that I have always chosen since I've been playing, and I will surely choose since I like that feeling of opening packs of cards, going back to those times of opening PokΓ©mon cards and keeping them in folders for the collection.


We will focus on this part, because the part on the right side are the cards that you can get in these packs, and they change according to the supply of the card, when a card reaches the maximum supply it stops being made and every first or second day of the month new cards are released to replace the ones that are finished.

In "buy pack with STARBITS and others" we will get a screen to buy 1 pack, this over time may vary, but the current price consists of:

  • 10.000 starbits
  • 5 swap.hive
  • 105 PIZZA
  • 67 LEN

It is the cost of 1 pack, which come 3 cards ensure 1 of rare rarity.

In "Buy 12 packs for 100,000 STARBITS" ... we would buy 12 packs which are 36 cards at 100,000 starbits.

Now I will finish focusing on this part of the packs with hive, if you want to know the others you can join the official discord of rising star and ask in #support for information to buy them by this means.

Well, we can buy 1 pack for 1 hive, or grab the 12 packs for 50 hive promotions or also 24 packs at 100 hive with the benefit of getting a limited supply card, which changes as they run out, as shown in the image below:

Next I show you the card you would get for buying the packs in Hive, specifically with 100 hive, apart from the 66 cards, you will get the S37 vivaldi, with a supply of 500 only.

🌟4) To be able to play much more and better, the following boosters are available🌟

(You can find them in the following section)

I will not focus mainly on the runners, but they are character cards that for a x amount of Starpro we can speed up and finish the mission depending on the runner we have, I will leave the post of rising star where I talk about the drastic change he made to that card to make it useful today in the game.


In the following image we can see that you press on it (+) next to the energy bar, the energy will be charged 1 point every 5 minutes, but to add energy we can acquire these following cards which fulfil their function

This letter has a cost of 10,000 starbits, when using it it recharges our energy to 100%, after that we must wait 24 hours to use it again, so it DOES NOT HAVE SINGLE USE, it recharges every 24 hours

Like the cold pizza, mentioned before this one, and the first anniversary cake fulfill the same function, only better, since every 12 hours it will be recharged.

The pizza box, this box is used to store the pizzas that you can get by doing missions within the game, you can save 1 pizza for each box you have and use them whenever you want, they do not recharge themselves, as I mentioned before you should get them in the missions, its in-game cost is 7500 starbits

The bottle of whiskey, is used to store drunk fans that you get in the missions, it stores the number of drunks that you get in 1 mission, they do not accumulate, when using them you must wait for more drunk fans to get out to be able to use it again

The glass of coffee, when using it gives you 3% energy instantly, it lasts 1 hour and every time you finish a mission it will give you another 3% energy, its current cost varies a few months ago that I found it on the market at 5000 or 7500 starbits

Now, there are more boosters that speed up or increase the gameplay in the game, as I mentioned before with the runners, we also have the experience booster, it consists of 3 cards with different percentages, but they are very important if you want to level up faster. These are:

  • xp10 - 80%
  • xp50 - 380%
  • xp100 - 750%

This is simple, the +10 cards give you 80% + based on the mission, (they are not single use, the effect is passive), for example, the mission gives you 100 experience, having 1 The card would be the base = 100 + (80% of 100 = 80) 80 = 180 experience, the same if you accumulate many of +10, the base is the same, 100 + 80 + 80 and so on depending on how many you have

And finally, the fan and skill boosts, these cards generate a lot of confusion, but they are simple, it is like a character card, it gives you the statistics that it shows you, they are not usable, they are like character cards:

🌟5) The mission and the millionaire letter🌟

Let's start with the first thing, the card that I will show below is the millionaire card, it is given to you by the game itself when you reach level 50 and have 1,000,000 starbits, you had to ask for it in the official discord, they currently removed it and they are working To see how to modify it, below is the explanation of the rising team


By owning it, and having the million starbits in our wallet, it allows us to do the mission that lasts 30 minutes and gives us 10,000 starbits, we can do it once a day, spending that million after doing it is allowed, until we have the million again. we can do this mission

It also has a 10% bonus when having starpro depending on the number of times we carry out the mission, unfortunately this card is no longer omitted for the moment as mentioned above.

If you hold 0.03 STARPRO x number of Starbits Millionaire missions you have run then you will get a 10% bonus on the Millionaire Mission.

🌟6) Special missions 🌟

Taking advantage of point (5) where I show with a few words what the millionaire mission and card is, it is time to show the special missions: following the route to reach the millionaire mission, we find the following:

I will leave you a post explaining each of the details of each mission

🌟7) Missions and the 4 islands


And now, a point that is important and should be above, but do not list by importance, are the "common" missions, I will leave a post that I made showing each of the missions that are currently available and showing the need for each one of them to play, unlocking the 4 islands of the game. With this, we obtain an advantage in obtaining ego by having more missions to play, when repeating them the ego in the missions increases but don't worry, it is updated at 00:00 UTC

At this point also add the injury missions, it is the one that allows us to obtain skill as a reward and fight that damn ego, we arrive learning in:

We will have different missions, each one consists of 1 instrument, the more instruments we have, not in number of them but in the sum of their luck, we will obtain more skill in said mission, the account is 1 skill for every 10 of luck that we add with our instruments

Anyway and this is for all the other information, you can find it in the FAQ of the game at:

Also here you can verify if x instrument belongs to the family, if it is guitar or piano, there are some letters that leave the doubt itself, it is always good to corroborate

🌟8) Festival World Tour and Blend

We also find this mission in:

A part that I like about the game is the festival, yes, and previously I explained in combination with another post that it is the Starpro, more specifically in number (6) in: Promote Fan Club = @ydaiznfts/promote-fan-club -espeng differs in the cards that we can obtain, but it is similar, we must spend starpro, unlike the Promote fan club, here at the festival we spend 1 starpro to carry out the mission, it lasts 1 hour and we obtain bracelets from the country that is currently:

There are a total of 52 bracelets and they do not rule out adding more

But this is not all that this mission offers, there is more, there is an option that I will now explain in conjunction with this, which is the blended cards, they are cards that are obtained by combining others to create another, we find said section in "your collection"...

Here you will find several blend options like the one I show below:

Well, in the image it tells us what we need to get the blend card, in this case a certain number of bracelets allows us to get a character card that also counts as a unique card, that we are going to continue adding good things to this, it is the super combination of the entire band counting the 52 bracelets:


A card with 25,000 fans, by far the best in the game.
If you want to carry out the mission of the festival that restarts on Thursdays, I mean that it changes country) I advise you to do said mission 5 times, so during the course of the year the bracelet, its respective blend and the last one will remain in the collection blend, if I better explain myself, that way you keep all the unique cards and complete the collection.

The blend is not unique in the festival, it also consists of the event cards, which at the point leave the respective link to the last event that happened, if you want to obtain the card once the event is over, we must buy them in the market or exchange them for the rising discord

🌟9) Music Promoter

Here what we will do in a bet, first we must deposit starbits in this section, then put "BID" at the bottom, but to make it much easier for you to understand this part of the game, I leave you a video of me colleague @soyuntito who explains it very well


I personally follow Starpro daily, I make a post every day showing the price of it in the promoter, and in other exchanges, then I leave the link of each of the posts.
Always take into account the value of the token currently, unfortunately the starpro in the promoter is very expensive compared to other possibilities


🌟10) Custom Shop

In this section of the game we will find a good functionality if we want to collect more cards, it consists of paying 1000 starbits to start the mission that lasts 5 minutes, and it will give us a fragment of instruments:

We arrived at this section learning in "crafting"

And all that remains is to play and play until you can combine the pieces and assemble the card, the skill can vary greatly depending on the rarity of the piece.

🌟11) Record Staking

A function of the game that never caught my attention, but it is to stake our starbits waiting for the artist's records to be sold, when they are sold depending on your stake is what you earn, if I'm not mistaken and I hope it's not so, any modification and correction I will be openly grateful

🌟12) Proposal to help bring more users to Hive via Rising Star

Something to highlight is the importance of support among the entire community, in this proposal rising star proposes financing for improvement, payment to the team, marketing and others for the development of the game itself. There is still time for people to come join us, and see Rising as a potentially good and fun game, who doesn't like to collect cards? gives open doors to those artists so that they are known for this game is also an important point, once again I leave you the link so that you can see it for yourselves


There are more features outside the game that I overlooked like the liquidity pool to be able to change starbist-starpro without the need to hive The pool to get profit at 90 days: @risingstargame/starbitsstarpro-liquidity-pool-now-live-for-90-days-with-rewards-how-to-join . And a new game mode that is still in development, the Raves: @risingstargame/dollar71106-of-starpro-burned--raves-update

All this and more can be found in their official discord, any questions the team is aware of to resolve them

Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide will be of your total benefit in knowing what rising star is like and all the functions that this wonderful game provides, once again and I repeat any correction is left in the comments and I will be grateful for it, too I will leave the rising star networks to find it more easily

Rising Star Twitter

ydaiznfts#1000 El club de Rising Star El club de Rising Star Twitter Reddit

Thanks for reading, huge hug from ydaiz⭐

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