Someone paid $2 million for an unopened Super Mario Bros game

If you had an NES, you had Super Mario Bros. It came with the system by default at launch so you didn't really have a choice. I was very young at the time but I think this might set a record for the best pack-in game of all time because there weren't a great many games available at the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System and if you ask me Super Mario Bros was the best one available at the time. To get this for "free" was pretty amazing.


If you were alive in the mid 80's and had the foresight to realize that the NES was going to become the iconic collectable that it is today who would have imagined that these things would be selling for as much as they are.

This copy of the game was previously purchased for $140,000, which to me is already a crazy price but then they turned it around and re-sold it for $2 million. The purchaser is anonymous but I am guessing we are talking about one extremely rich nerd who probably got involved in BTC very early on and accidentally HODL'd.


I can understand why there would be very few of these unopened these days and I have no idea how it is that they certify original packaging or that it is unopened but I would imagine that it simply remains unopened because there aren't really very many of them in existence. In my house it was opened immediately and not only that but the packaging was probably destroyed in the process by the ravenous movements of me and my siblings.

There were a ton of things from the 80's that I owned that if I had just left them in the boxes would have made me a very rich person today but then again, those experiences such as my He-Man and Star Wars toys, as well as basically all of my video games that I played resulted in some extremely good times that probably resulted in better mental health and a feeling of not wanting to be dead and actually pursuing becoming a reasonably successful adult.

So to whoever had the patience to not open this, or who accidentally bought two of them and forgot about it but still managed to keep it in mint condition, kudos to you. There must not be very many of them at all because 2 million is a lot of money for something that you can easily emulate for free online.

I wonder what the collection of the person who bought it looks like. This person must have EVERYTHING.

I'm gonna have a look around and see what could possibly end up being the big collectible of the future. These days almost everything is digital so i can't really imagine what it would be. Got any ideas?

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