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HashKings & Rising Star: the Great Fire

We’ve been having plenty of fun at the Blockchain Gaming Accelerator Program, because there’s no reason market making should be boring. Two Hive games—HashKings and Rising Star—have been in the spotlight, with a Great Flood and massive coin burn sweeping across their respective worlds.

These events were just the beginning. While rain poured in the realm of HashKings, we amassed a huge stockpile of BUDS and STARBITS. These can be burned respectively to acquire MOTA and STARPRO, both of which our hedge fund wants in its portfolio. And so the stars were aligned, igniting the latest phenomenon in Hive’s blockchain gaming sector: the Great Fire.


The first sparks were noticed early Sunday night West Coast time (PST) in Buskeria, causing a sudden surge in the price of bids for promotions in Rising Star. By afternoon the next day, there were almost 600,000 BUDS in the HashKings burn pool. This was just the beginning.

Sources confirmed that at least 10 million STARBITS had been transported from Hive Engine to the burn pool in Buskeria; at least another 3 million BUDS were similarly prepped for burning in the HashKings realm. Rumor has it, however, that even more tokens may be stashed away somewhere, possibly to be unleashed at a moment’s whim. The Great Fire may potentially also have been spread by wealthy cannabis farmers based out of Jamaica, who stand accused of intentionally feeding the flames.

By Wednesday night, the average price to promote a mission in Buskeria had reached over 250 STARBITS, and witnesses were claiming the fire spread as though it had a mind of its own. Hoarders began to panic-buy flammable tokens as the inferno engulfed the hive metaverse, leading to scorching conditions. Agricultural planners are issuing warnings about possible drought conditions, and recommend water rationing despite the abundance of seeds flooding the market.

Meteorologists forecast the Great Fire may last anywhere from a week to a month. One expert theorized that the problem may be exacerbated by people selling tokens at too low prices; in this hypothesis, these fires may be a natural response to the excessive accumulation of cheap STARBITS. Growing annual BUD harvests in HashKings may be having a similar effect.

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