Three New Cards For The Collection

Just six days ago we locked in some really bad pack that again set us back a bit in terms of the number of fans and drunks which made a 5 day open to a 6 day open sadly. The goal here is to be able to get to the point of opening one new pack a day or better! It's a goal which you all have helped with greatly as the payout from that post will be happening tomorrow in which all funds will be used to buy starbits! A huge THANK YOU for everyone that voted on that post I greatly appreciate that.

Today we locked in three new cards and that put us back on the right track. One being rare which gives us a little boost to income which is what we want.

Carly R85 comes in to save the day with almost off setting her new fans at a 100/75 but more importantly a +2 to income! Craig well he's just Craig lol

I just locked these cards in which give us these total numbers now.
53 total cards
2375 fans (zero drunks)
414 luck
4051 skill (1914 lessons)
40 income modifier

This means my best gig I can perform right now Saturday Headline often generates near 1,000 starbits per 100 energy. However we often have to offset the ego at the moment which is at 2% by doing a 40 energy lesson which max me at max 19 skill.

Good day today with the cards though it's a small bump in the right direction!

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