DCity Growth - Education Is Key

I started this city some time ago and it's main focus now is simply education. I want to max it out as fast as possible not only to level up my citizens but also unlock tech cards as often as possible.

With the addition of the 3rd edition cards it brought in the ability to combine cards. Many of these higher level cards use research cards so having more than one research card is very effective for leveling up.

Here is how things are looking so far.


Sim Income on my city was greatly reduced for some reason so I'm using it right now simply to unlock new research areas.

I'm focusing in one the two new ones at the bottom for offices and health.


I don't believe I need to worry about crime being that I have no buildings in which crime can be committed but I wonder if it still has a chance to spawn criminals.

Overall though to hit that 25% cap on education has been a bit tricky it actually takes a lot of education buildings in order to get there. With the price of SIM on the markets however it's become an easy decently low cost way to start building.

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