[Txmek Let's Play] Red Dead Redemption 2 Ep.1

Read Dead Redemption 2.jpg

Yo! I was looking to play this game for a longer time, and I finally managed to do this. I need to say its pretty amazing game, its very similar to Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. It have a beatiful soundstracks, beatiful graphics and cool combat system, im not sure about story yet, but I will make updates on it in next Let's Plays from this game, cause I will record them for sure. Its interesting game and I'm looking forward to play more of this. Now all I know about story is that its something about Gangsters and we killed some guys, robbed some house and looking for some other guys, we also saved some dude, but yea story will just progress with time and the game is really awesome. Let me know in comments ur thoughts and thanks for watching!

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