Moralist's fate

Despite all my sincere sympathy and deep involvement in the @cryptobrewmaster project, today I would like to talk about things that alarming me and make me sad.

A week ago, watching the passing events (hereinafter E), I noticed the following regularity for myself - most of the players occupying the leading places IN ALL E are permanent. And all would be nothing to complain about, the usual competitive moment and staff shortage of players leads to prize-winning places in the majority, more active players, who at the moment are not as many as we would like. But there is one peculiarity in getting the top 3 places. Those people about whom I wrote above, again, for the most part, show their activity for some reason, in the last hours of E, when resources are already running out. And some even manage to join the competitive process at the last hour, when statistics are not available to update (it is updated once an hour).

So my weekly observations have passed with accuracy are confirmed in the game today. This time I completely passed this experience through myself and therefore I am aware of what I am writing.

And it could be perceived this text as another whiny complaint (it really is) but I'm not talking about the fact that I am offended and sad because of the not received prizes, which I was counting on. I'm worried about something else. Why in the game there is aiding of groups of persons, through the lack of regulation of activity in E? Why is it impossible in the game to take first place for a new player, at least in one E, even in theory? The question of "gentlemen's agreements" does not arise in principle.

All of the above, please take it solely for the purpose of improving the in-game climate. Also with this text I want to abolish further attempts to oppress freedom (speech) in the game, with the help of capital.


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