Among Us is an online multiplayer game in which 4 to 10 people can participate, and where one or two of them (depending on the number of participants) are chosen as enemies (impostors) who must kill the others (crew members) without the rest knowing who they are.

Therefore, some have to try not to be discovered (impostors) and the others (crew members) have to try to discover them.

Series of various games available on my Youtube channel I hope you like them.

The dynamics of the game is as follows:

The game starts inside the ship, there are different rooms with missions that you have to perform. While everything is going on, the impostors have to kill a crew member.

When a crew member is killed and another one discovers it, he reports it, and then a voting phase opens to decide who is the impostor.

Several things can happen in the vote. If no one is sure, the game continues.If someone is voted as an impostor they are ejected from the ship and killed, the game will tell you whether or not they were the impostor, and how many are left.

In any case, the game will go on and the remaining imposter(s) will have to try to continue acting without arousing suspicion.

The impostors can also do the missions, and throughout the map there are vents through which they can escape to other rooms of the ship. Players can also call emergency meetings to take a vote without discovering a corpse.

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