[Straw Plays] Days Gone - Part 26

Oh man what an episode this was. First of all we went on a mission with Rikki which was kinda fun I guess at least getting electricity back for the camp was pretty cool. Then we went for a couple of camps and took down some rippers and such which was also pretty fun. After that though is where things got really awesome. After talking to Addy we figured out how to make Boozer happy by getting him a dog. Well it turns out someone had seen a dog nearby and we went to get it. It was a pretty damn cute puppy and I think Boozer got pretty happy with it. I mean who wouldn't get happy from a puppy. Things are starting to look pretty good around the camp suddenly.Let's see what next time holds in store for us because I don't think things can be all good for much longer.

I hope you like the video and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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