Unreal Tournament 3 gameplay 10-18

I am exploring this first person shooter game again, but with way more bots. Normally the max amount of bots is around 32 or 16 on each team. But with some console tricks I double the amount. I hear you can add hundreds but for now we will just double the amount of bots for a level. Some of the maps are quite small, others are big. So I will need to figure out which maps could handle hundreds of bots.

I start off playing a vehicle CTF map, and add the bots using two console commands. Its already pretty crazy with 32 bots on each side. Makes for the battles to be quite intense.

Forgot there are hoverboards in this game.. its been awhile since I played it last.

Playing Unreal 3 its alot of fun using the vehicles, as in the past Unreal games its almost all on foot.

I love the link gun, one of my favorites. So many weapons in this game to try out. Each having their own pros and cons.

This vehicle has a melee attack where swords pop out the side to cut down your foes.

I use the cannon on this small vehicle but seems not to damage the enemy tank very much.

Using a mid sized vehicle I try to take on the tank once again, I get killed alot in this game. Though thats normal and you respawn quite quickly.

Changing levels now we are mostly indoors besides a roof section.

Winning this match after a few minutes, it was pretty easy. Probably time to turn up the difficulty.

The next map is in a city, a large map from the looks of it.

I shoot at the enemy team and they shoot at me, question is whos health will hold out longer.

A rocket flies by me but does not detonate, it was a close miss.

On this map we have to complete a series of objectives before moving onto the next part. I love all the maps in this game.

You can still shoot them through the gaps even before the bridge is lowered.

Eventually the bridge controls are activated and I drive my tank over towards the enemy base.

I drive the Goliath tank to the pressure pad and it opens up the core door so I can shoot at it.

With the core exposed I quickly destroy it and that is the end of this level. Its alot of fun playing this game again, nearly 20 years later. With more powerful computer hardware we can really ramp up the chaos and just have even more fun.

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Solominer Presents:Unreal Tournament 3
GenreFirst-person shooter
PlatformWindows 10
Rig specs:Main gaming setup
ProcessorIntel Core i9
MemoryCorsair DDR4 32GB
Video Cards2x Nvidia GTX 1080's
Power SupplyCorsair 1000W


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