Gran Turismo 6 gameplay 10-19

Driving my modified Boxster on the Madrid circuit, it has a 911 motor in it along with some other bolt ons. It has quickly become one of my favorite cars to drive in this game. It has the handling of a Boxster but the power of a 911, a little faster actually. Using RPCS3 I am emulating this game on my PC, its been alot of fun playing this GT game on my computer.

Some cars I really have to struggle with, but others fit like a glove.

Making my way through traffic I come up on this one car thats powered by a rotary engine, I was not aware of a MR rotary car. As this is a mid engine race only those kinds can enter. So an FC or FD would not be able to participate.

I come up on another Boxster and out brake it into a turn.

Though I over shoot it and find myself almost being passed again.

A long line of cars I have already passed, making my way to podium.

Hehe I got some 2 wheel motion on one of the turns.

The next track is one of my favorites, the canopy over head is really cool. And I get up to nearly 140mph on this back straight away.

We enter a tunnel and I am coming up on the next car I plan on passing.

The next race I find myself behind an NSX, another mid-engine car. Though mine has alot more power.

Closing in on 1st I make my first lap. Is the Tesla Roadster mid engine? I think thats what that green car is, or maybe a Lotus Evora.

The views in the replay are really awesome, always loving watching them. Though the game can crash which does save my place, making me need to replay the track again. So I plan on saving replays and showing them after saving in the future.

The garage is still messed up, my icons are all messed up, but if I select the car it shows fine.

A night race, something new in this series to me. If you are not used to the track it can be alot harder.

Looking behind me its just headlights, quite dark up in the mountains.

I spin out on one of the downhill turns, but I make a recovery. This car is one of those I really have to fight to keep in control.

Headlights come through well in this emulated game, was worried it may not look right but seems pretty good.

The next race is a all Civic race, so I take my Civic EK racecar.

Funny the older Civic is kicking the ass of all the newer ones. But it is indeed a race car and these others are not. Only Type Rs.

Making my way to the lead I hold it there until I finish the race. My old Civic won this make race. I love this car too, just like the Boxster its alot of fun to drive and seems to be quite controllable. That is something you will learn as you play more of these racing games, which cars work for you and which do not. For me, the old muscle cars are the hardest for me to control. Along with any of the other older (pre 1990s) cars it would seem.

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Solominer Presents:Gran Turismo 6
ConsolePS3 Emulator RPCS3 0.0.17-12522
PlatformWindows 10
Rig specs:Main gaming setup
ProcessorIntel core i9 all cores clocked to 4.7ghz
MemoryCorsair DDR4 32GB
Video Cards2x Gigabyte G1 1080 no overclock
Power SupplyCorsair 1000W


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