SlowSundayGames presents: Unsung Hero!

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After our announcement at Hivefest, we are happy to announce Unsung Hero is coming to the Hive Blockchain!

For those of you who missed us at Hivefest, you can see all the info below as well as some pictures from the Hivefest presentation!

Please welcome, SLOW SUNDAY GAMES! Why Slow Sunday? Well, simply because we will focus mainly on idle games that do not require the player to actively play every day in order to receive rewards. Play when you can on your own time. All this while still making progress and earning rewards. Keeping it simple, keeping it slow, like Sundays.

Since we are a new company and just getting our feet wet with gaming on the chain we will start off with an idle game. For those of you who might not know what idle games are, it is where you set up your gaming environment and let the game kind of plays itself. There are things to do that will make you play the game more actively but overall it will be making progress by itself based on how you told it to perform.


Those of you who know idle or clicker games might feel right at home. This will be less clicking and more idle with some light RPG elements. We decided to not go the clicker game route to prevent automated clicking and bots from taking over and giving some players an unfair advantage. Since liquid hive will be received as rewards we aim to make this as fair as possible for every player.

The gameplay is pretty simple, you are the Hero and you have to make progress to higher levels by facing and defeating monsters. As you advance to a higher level you will unlock new monsters, new areas, and some other surprises.



Everyone will receive their hero when they start playing. There will be four tiers of heroes so the higher your tier, the more damage your Hero delivers.

Only one Hero will be dealing damage to the monsters, so make sure you equip your strongest one.

The higher your hero’s Tier the more perks they will have to help you in your never-ending battle! What if you have multiple Heroes? Upgrade! Yes, if you have two heroes of the same tier you can combine them to make an even stronger hero.

In the end, DPS is king and it will decide how many levels you will complete!


One last thing to remember when playing with your Hero, the longer he fights by your side, the more powerful he will grow by slowly increasing his DPS bonus, once he leaves your account all his bonus DPS will be lost! So, think wisely before transferring a hero or selling it on the market. This also means that the players who start early on might have a slight advantage if they stick to their hero from the very beginning.


Now that we talked about our Hero, let’s see what he will be facing! Monsters, monsters, and more monsters! In the beginning, you might only encounter one monster, but as you reach higher and higher levels, you will unlock and face more powerful and different monsters.

Every time you kill a monster you will complete a level and move up to a slightly more difficult level. Every tenth monster will be a little different though, it will have substantially more health and there will be a time limit for killing it. This can be seen as the BOSS TIMER. Fail to kill the boss within the allocated time and you will return to the previous level. In the end, this will determine your max level that you can clear and help determine your overall rank.


As you can see there will be different areas where you will be facing your monsters. This will not really have a massive impact on the gameplay but it will make it a bit more interesting when you move on to newly unlocked areas.


As of now, there are 21 weapons in the game. They will determine your Base Damage. So the damage and perks from your Hero and items will give you your overall Damage per Second.

Weapons are items and will have different levels of rarity. Lower level weapons will be weaker and quite easy to get, while the most powerful weapons can be extremely rare.


While your hero might have a cool weapon we know you also need some neat gear to help you on your monster-slaying adventures! That is why there are more than 60 Unique items. All of them will give you one or more special perks to help increase your overall Damage Per Second. These perks range from

Attack Speed

DPS Multiplier

Crit Hit Chance

Crit Hit Damage

Boss Timer

Base Damage

Skill Cooldowns

Every item will be of a specific quality, so you might have two of the same items, but one will most likely be stronger than the other. Combining items together will make them stronger and increase their overall quality until they reach their maximum potential.


Talking about skills, you never know when you might need a little extra push to defeat a Boss Monster. We got you covered! There will be four main skills that can be equipped and used during your battles.

Most of these skills will give you a significant boost but only last for a short time. After you used them they will have a cooldown. So use them sparingly!


The user interface might look quite familiar to many gamers out there. Here you will be able to see all your items and weapons that can be equipped on your Hero. They will all work together to give you the most DPS possible. There will also be some stats about your gameplay and the bonuses from items.


Just like many other games on the chain, you will receive rewards for playing. We decided that 50% of all sales, post payouts, and curation will go towards the reward pool. From there we will have daily hive payouts to all the top-ranking players.

There will be a rank system that will determine who is the ultimate hero.

Initially, we were going to look at completed levels to determine rank, but we know that leaves many loopholes for abuse since players could easily transfer their items to other accounts once they reached a high level on a specific account.

Thus, your rank will be determined by a formula where we use total DPS and MAX LEVEL COMPLETED to work out what your final rank will be. This will hopefully make sure we keep it as fair as possible. That way if a player moves all their items to another account their DPS will drop and affect their overall rank

We will possibly keep tweaking the ranking system as we move forward into live testing, rest assured though we will try our best to avoid any kind of abuse or farming.

Hero tokens will also be awarded on a daily basis according to your rank. The higher your rank the more tokens you will receive.


Release Date and Pricing

With 2020 finally, in our rearview mirror, we are aiming for an early 2021 release. Coding is almost done and we will start testing within the next month or two, once we collected enough data while testing, we can move forward and launch the Beta of Unsung Hero.

For those of you who would like to help test, please send me(@scrooger) a DM on Discord or a message to our hive wallet and I will get in touch as soon as testing starts.

The game will be playable once you purchase a starter pack, which will be $10. In your starter pack, you will receive your first Hero, 1 weapon as well as 15 random items. This will be totally random so best of luck!

After you have your starter pack, you can start playing and earning rewards. If you want to buy more items they will be 4 Hive per item. The item pool includes Heroes, weapons, items, and stones.


Something we are really excited about is getting to share the game with everyone, but by this, we do not only want to share but also include people. So area and monster designs will also be a competition we will host where the community can submit their artwork and then we can possibly add it to the game. More details about that later...


Big thank you for the names mentioned above! You have all played your role in making this a reality and we really appreciate it!

For those of you who could not attend Hivefest, here are some pictures of the actual presentation.






More posts and updates coming soon!

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