Retro Game Reviews: Wild Ones | A Nostalgic Playdom Game


I played this game nonstop for about 4 years. For the first time in my life, I played a game for 4 years without a break. I saw this game thanks to Facebook ads, it was a game played on Facebook (it was also available on Playdom's original website.) and the game completely fascinated me. The game was actually a visually improved version of the Worms 2 game. Also you don't need to download this game, you can play it from your browser for free!


In the first years of Wild Ones, there were only Dog ​​and Rabbit characters (Pets) in the game. Each character has their own special abilities and each character has their own base damage, health points, movement speed and jump values. For example, the Dog can drop a bone-shaped (as a weapon) time bomb, dealing high damage to his opponent. If you're playing Rabbit, your special ability will be just jumping very high. In this case, playing with the Dog allows you to do more damage, while playing with the Rabbit allows you to be more mobility in the game. By the way, you can also customize the color and change the name of your character while buying a new character.


Wild Ones' gameplay is much more difficult than Worms game. Because the game has a lot of variety of weapons and combo weapons (burst damage). In classic PvP matches, 4 player participate in the match. In the game, each player has 30 seconds, everyone targets the opponent they want and attacks him/her by choosing the weapon they want. In fact, it's not good for everyone to randomly attack each other, because in a game where you are in the 1st place, if 3 other opponent players team up with each other, all three of them attack you and make you lose, which is the worst thing that can happen to you in the game. If you want to play it safe, instead of attacking your opponents, you can walk wherever you want or teleport with the teleport sphere.



The maps of the game are designed in a much more stylish and quality way compared to the Worms game. There are 10 maps in the game. The Wild Ones' most loved and most famous map is the Critter Falls (third picture). The reason why this map is loved so much is that it is easier than other maps. There are also drones in the game, which rarely appear in the sky during the match, dropping health kits and weapon boxes (ammo packs). The player whose turn it is can renew his/her health by running to these boxes or add new weapons to his/her inventory by taking the weapon box.


In the following years, Panda, Monkey and Cat characters were added to the game.



Monkey's special ability is Climb. Monkey can climb to the walls of the map, other characters cannot cross walls. (But they can respawn in high places above walls after being killed by their opponents.)



Panda's special ability is Punch (as a weapon). Panda punches his opponent, dealing high damage. To use the ability, Panda has to go close to his opponent and punch.



The Cat was added after Panda and Monkey. Cat's special ability is Scratch (as a weapon), like the Panda, the Cat goes near its opponents and uses its scratching ability to deal high damage.


A few years later, 30+ characters were added to the game, so I won't talk about other characters because the 4 main characters of the game are Dog, Rabbit, Cat and Panda.



There are two currencies in the game, Coins and Treats. You need to use the two currencies in the game to buy weapons, cosmetics and mini pets. You can earn Coins by joining PvP matches, but there is no way to earn Treats because treats are Wild Ones' special currency that can only be obtained with cash.


When you log into the game for the first time, there are 50 treats you can use in your account. If you want, you can buy characters, mini pets or cosmetics with them, or you can try to gain more treats by playing gambling games such as slots.

Accessories (Cosmetics)



Actually, the cosmetics in this game are a little different. You customize your character by buying clothes (trousers, shoes, coat, helmet, wings), but these clothes give your character strength.


For example, when you wear the Witch's Hat, it reduces the damage you take when you fall from a high place by 5%.

mini pet.jpg

Cosmetics are not just limited to clothes. If you want, you can buy a mini pet that will participate in PvP matches with you. Mini pets have their own unique features, just like clothes.


The Falcon mini pet can fly to health packs/ammo packs and bring them to you, even if it's not your turn to play. This pet is standard pet and sold with coins.


Some pets can attack your opponents with you. These pets are special pets and are sold with only treats.

There are a lot of cosmetics in the game, let's talk a little about weapons. In fact, the things that make this game really fun are the weapons. There are hundreds of weapons in Wild Ones, but these weapons are divided into two types: Weapons and Combos (combo weapons).


The weapons you see in the image are normal weapons and you cannot do high damage like combo weapons. However, if you have maximized your character's base damage, you can do high damage with normal weapons. A beginner has to play with combo weapons to kill his opponent with one shot.


And here comes the Wild Ones' most powerful weapons: Combos
Combo weapons are much more powerful than normal weapons and have burst damage. These weapons are usually sold with treats, but some are sold with coins. These weapons are so powerful that you can deal high damage to your opponent even if your character is very weak.


It's time to talk about the latest feature added to the Wild Ones: Strength

You can only earn stat poinst by leveling up your Wild Ones account. You gain 1 stat points per level and you can use these stat points to increase your;

  • Base damage
  • Base health points
  • Base character speed
  • Base jump power.

The stat points you give can only be used for the character you choose.

For example, if you increase the power of all the basic values of your Rabbit character to the maximum level, only the Rabbit character will be at maximum power, this power will not be transferred to your other characters.

Plot twist: Sadly, Wild Ones closed in 2013. However, the game was announced again in 2020 as Wild Ones Remake. If you want, you can access the game by clicking this link.

Note: Currently, the game can only be played via Facebook.

Last Words

Thank you very much for reading my game review. If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask! :)

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