Retro Game Reviews: Nimble Quest | A combination of RPG and Snake Game


This game was my favorite game of all the mobile games I played. Actually when I saw the Nimble Quest, I was very prejudiced because the game seemed like a very simple and boring game. I downloaded the game because the game takes up little space on my phone's memory. (The phone I used while playing this game was iPhone 3S 8 GB.)

I will tell my story about the game and the mechanics of the game, but first I want to talk about the genre of the game.

The genre of Nimble Quest is very different from other games. The game is similar to the classic snake game from old Nokia phones, but at the same time, this game is an action RPG.

Nimble Quest was originally released for the mobile platform only. But right now you can buy the game on Steam for $4.99, Steam link.

My story about Nimble Quest


Although days passed, I never opened the game until my internet connection was lost. That day, the electricity in our house went out and I chose Nimble Quest from the games on my phone. The game was not as simple as it seemed, even very difficult.


When you start the game, only Ulrich is available among all the heroes. Ulrich is a melee hero, so the first levels are difficult because when you get close to the enemies they do a lot of damage to you and you die.


I was constantly dying in the game, but every time I died, instead of closing the game, I was trying to pass the first chapter over and over. I was very ambitious and angry. I had spent all the resources (buffs) given at the beginning of the game to complete the first chapter (bruh).


And finally I managed to complete the first chapter and the game unlocked the Bones hero for me as a reward, now I can use it too. I was very happy but I didn't have enough resources for the second chapter so when I died the game would be over. The second chapter started and I died as soon as the chapter started. (x2 bruh)


After I died in the game, I deleted the game and when I reconnected to the internet, I downloaded the game again. All the resources given at the beginning of the game have been added to my account again. Now I knew how to complete the first chapter (Forest I) and was ready for the second chapter (Graveyard I). I was fully adapted to the game and played the game for hours as if I was hypnotized.


After hours, I completed the second chapter of the game. In the first chapters, one of the hidden heroes in the game was unlocked when you completed each chapter. Since I completed the second chapter (Graveyard I), the Boomey hero was added to my account and he started following me too. Boomey is a ranged hero unlike Ulrich and Bones.
So everything was easier now and I could kill enemies while they were away without getting close.

I played Nimble Quest for years and reached the final chapter. Now I want to give you information about the heroes, buffs, hero upgrades and mini buffs in the game.



There are 16 heroes in Nimble Quest.

Each hero has their own special abilities and mechanics. At the same time, each hero's base armor value, base damage, base attack speed and base health points are different from each other.


In order to increase the base values of your heroes, you need to upgrade your hero's Star. The more enemies you kill with the hero you play, the more you can upgrade the hero's star level (i.e. base values). You will also need in-game currency (gold token) to upgrade your hero (which I will explain shortly). If you kill enough enemies with a hero and you have enough gold tokens, you can increase your character's star by increasing their base values. The hero's base damage, base attack speed, base health points, base armor value, and hero's appearance are changed when you upgrade the star level.

There are a lot of heroes, so I will give information about my three favorite heroes.



The reason I like Blaze is because he's a ranged mage. When there are too many enemies around, it deals area damage with fireballs and can damage multiple enemies at the same time. Blaze's health points and armor value are quite low.



Gizmo is not a mage, but he is also a ranged hero. Gizmo throws bombs to damage enemies. Gizmo's health points, armor value and attack speed are quite low. So unlike other ranged heroes, he attacks enemies slower but deals more damage. Gizmo, like Blaze, deals area damage to enemies.



Uther is a melee hero. Actually, I don't like melee heroes in such games, but Uther's range is higher than other melee heroes and he can attack enemies without getting too close. All of Uther's base values are balanced. Uther has high health points and armor value. Uther also deals area damage like Blaze and Gizmo.

Let's talk a little bit about the currencies, buffs and mini buffs in the game.


There are two currencies in the game, these are Green gems and Gold token.

Green gems


Collecting green gems is the easiest thing in the game. start the game and collect the green gems on the ground, every green gem you collect will be added to your inventory.


You also need to collect green gems to fill the black bar at the top of the map. You complete the chapter when the black bar turns completely green, so the green gem is one of the most important things in the game, it allows you to both finish the game and shop with your green gems at the end of the game. In addition, the green gems you collect will restore the health of your heroes who are damaged during the game.

Gold token


All the buffs and additional heroes in the game are sold with gold tokens. You can get 1 gold token for 1000 green gems from the shop or you can buy it with cash. Very rarely, a gold token may suddenly appear on the map while in-game, but beware, the gold token disappears very soon after it appears on the map, so you need to run to the gold token immediately. You can also use the gold token to upgrade your character's star level or to respawn when you die.

Buffs and Mini buffs


Buffs make you stronger in the game. Mini buffs allow you to finish the game much faster, regen your health, earn more green gems or freeze enemies.


Vitality Buff


Vitality buff and all other buffs are sold for 1 gold token before starting the chapter. With the Vitality buff, the health points of the hero you play and all the other heroes that follow your hero are increased by 25%. This is a permanent buff until you die.

Shield Buff


The shield buff gives you a circular shield for the chpater you're playing. It doesn't completely absorb the damage you take, but it allows you to take less damage. This shield is not given to other heroes who follow you. The price of the shield is 1 gold token. It is a permanent buff but you have to buy the shield again when the new chapter starts. Normally, if you hit the wall you will die, but if you hit the wall while you have the shield you will not die, you will just lose your shield.

Attack Buff


The attack buff permanently increases the damage and attack speed of your hero and other heroes following you by 25%. The price of the attack buff is 1 gold token.

Speed Buff

speed buff.webp

The speed buff is a buff that increases movement speed. actually this buff is a bit dangerous because it can make it harder for you to control your heroes. So it can cause you to crash into the wall or enemies and die. The price of this buff, like other buffs, is 1 gold token. Speed buff has a permanent effect and you don't need to buy it again until you die.

Mini Buffs


There are 10 types of mini buffs that appear on the map during the game, these are:

  • Green gem: Adds 1x green gem to your inventory when you collect it.
  • Blue gem: Adds 5x green gem to your inventory when you collect it.
  • Red gem: Adds 10x green gem to your inventory when you collect it.
  • Magnet: It pulls all the gems on the map towards you for 10 seconds.
  • Bomb: At the point where you pick up the bomb, 4 bombs explode.
  • Shield: You have a shield for 10 seconds.
  • Freeze: Enemies freeze for 5 seconds and cannot move.
  • Attack speed and damage increase: For 10 seconds, your and other heroes' damage and attack speed are increased by 25%.
  • Treasure chest: Spawns lots of green and blue gems.
  • 100% health potion: Your and all heroes' health points are regenerated.

You can increase the duration of mini buffs with the green gems you collect.

Last Words

Thank you very much for reading my retro game review. If you have any questions or comments about the game, feel free to comment! :)

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