Need For Speed: Underground | The first game I ever played #Retro

Need For Speed: Underground was the first game I ever played on PC...

Welcome to my review about this game. This post is also my first game review post for HiveGC. I am very happy and excited to know that the Hive Gaming Community is active, so I am here now. :)

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I have so many things to say about this game, it's more than just a game for me since it's the first game I played, it's even more precious to me than gold, because it reminds me of many unforgettable memories. Even though it's been years, even decades, I still play occasionally and enjoy the same fun I had decades ago.


So what made this game special for me? Actually, there are many answers to this question. First of all, I want to talk about the music of the game. If you ask me, the EA Games reached their peak with the songs used in the NFS: Underground soundtracks.
When you enter the game, a Nissan Skyline GT-R welcomes you while playing Lil Jon's Get Low and you feel the magic!


But that's not all, after going underground and winning dozens of races, modifying my car for hours with the money I earned was one of my biggest hobbies. The Mitsubishi Eclipse was my favorite car during the years I played NFS: Underground, and I spent all the money I earned on improving it.

There was even an in-game voiceover that said my car was perfect every time I added a new thing! Don't laugh, I think it's great for a 2003 game, at least I felt special back then xD.


Although the game is very old, there were quite a lot of customize options. For your car's performance, you can customize/boost your:

  • Weight Reduction Kits
  • Brake Kits
  • Turbo Package
  • E.C.U. and Fuel System
  • Tires
  • Drivetrain Packages
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Engine/Exhaust Package

Note: There are a large number of sub-customization groups within these customizations/boosts.

And also, as in every racing game, you can customize your car as you wish in Need for Speed: Underground.

Visual customization options:

  • Body (bumper, spoiler etc.)
  • Rims
  • Accessories (neon, window tinting)
  • Paint
  • Decals
  • Vinyl

Other cars I love in Need for Speed: Underground

Volksvagen Golf GTI
It was the first car I drove in this game. (excluding cinematic scenes)
I think this car is underrated. In real life this car is not that slow.

Honda Civic
Although almost 20 years have passed, I still like this model very much. It was a car that I liked, even though it was difficult to control during the race.

Peugeot 206
It is very easy to control and very enjoyable to drive in the game. I can also say that it is one of my favorite hatchback cars even now!

It's been such a long review for customization, sorry.

Let's talk a little bit about gameplay. The Underground game mode (story mode - Go Underground) consists of 5 types of races. These races are:

  • Drift: You will have a maximum of 4 opponents. You will earn points by sliding your car, if your car hits something while sliding, all the points you earned while sliding will be deleted. The racer with the most drift points wins the race.
  • Knockout: In this mode, you must not finish last-placed in any lap to win the race. Each time the racers finish a full lap on the map, the last-placed racer is knocked out and loses the race. In order to win in this racing mode, you have to knock out all the racers and finish the race in first place.
  • Circuit: This mode is the same as standard races, you have a maximum of 4 opponents and you play the same map for 2 or 3 laps.
  • Drag: As in Circuit mode, you will have a maximum of four opponents. The map of the race is different from other maps, the road is flat and the movements of your car are limited. The racer who completes the map in the shortest time wins the race. During the race, the traffic flow continues and if you hit any car, you will lose the race. In this racing mode, your car is not an automatic transmission as in other modes, but a manual transmission. So if you don't adjust the gear shift at the right time, your engine will overheat and you will lose the race.
  • Sprint: In this racing mode there is no loop and you play on a point-to-point route. It is one of the shortest racing modes in NFS: Underground.


Underground mode constitutes the mission and story part of the game.
If you want, you can choose the Quick Race mode and race with the rules you set in the 5 race types you want.

Need for Speed: Underground Soundtracks

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And... here is the legendary soundtracks of Need for Speed Underground!

It was very enjoyable for me to write this post, it took me to my memories of decades ago, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! :)

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