INSIDE: A platform-puzzle game | Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!



You must play this game before you die! If you have played and liked Limbo, I definitely recommend you to play this game because Inside is a game developed by the creators of Limbo. In this game, your character's controls are the same as in Limbo. The only thing that makes this game unique is that it has much more exciting and dramatic puzzles!



Inside is also an action and platform puzzle game like Limbo. When the graphics of Inside are compared to Limbo, black tones are used like in the Limbo, but it is much more colorful and the graphics are much better quality than Limbo.



Although the game is 2D, it made me feel 3D and I always wanted to walk towards the paths drawn in the background. Actually, the game is not 2D, I think it's 2.5D. :)



Inside is a very short game but, the story is so intense, you feel like you've been playing for a really long time because there is so much happening. I normally wouldn't recommend games but I highly recommend this game! Inside is an amazing experience you won't regret, it's a true masterpiece!



Our character in the game is a little boy, so it is almost the same as the beginning in the Limbo. In this game, as in Limbo, you start the game without knowing the story. While walking, I constantly asked myself the questions; "Am I running away from something?", "Am I trying to reach something?".



There is no subtitle or voiceover in the game, no one gives you any information, you give meaning to the story of the game yourself according to the results of the puzzles you solve.

Yeah, the game really doesn't help you at all. You have to look around carefully and figure out what you need to do. In the game there are walls that we can't cross and places we can't jump. We can pull the objects in the environment to the right or left, just like in Limbo. Then we jump over these objects and continue the game.



When we start the game, a foggy and depressing weather welcomes us. The world is so dirty and dark, as if abandoned. The reason for this is that human and pig corpses are constantly on our way in the game. And there are also much larger worms than normal around.

But don't be afraid of them because the atmosphere and background in the game really gives you an excellent experience!



We run, we jump, we hide... but no one talks to us.
We are walking on mysterious roads without understanding what is going on. And suddenly a truck appears. The trunk of the truck is full of people! These people didn't try to escape or give a reaction when the trunk is open. A man closed the trunk and ran to the truck. Then they quickly gone away from there.



The aim of the game is to escape and not be caught by anyone, so if there are people or animals in front of you or next to you, you have to be careful, hide and then continue on your way silently without being seen by anyone.



Inside is a platform puzzle game like Limbo, but it is a much more detailed version of Limbo because each puzzle has its own solution and this really makes Inside much more unique than other platform puzzle games. Sometimes you have to hide to avoid getting caught by the bad guys around, sometimes you have to escape directly because in some parts the bad guys with flashlights are chasing you and they have guns, so you have to run away without stopping, otherwise these guys won't hesitate to shoot you! If you get caught or shoot, you die and the game starts again from the last checkpoint.



Actually these bad guys are employees of a company. They control normal people by brainwashing them and employ them as workers in various jobs for their own benefit. These people have lost their minds as a result of a demonic experiment. Their brains are completely programmed to do the given tasks. Sometimes we can use these people to solve puzzles too.



As far as I understand, there has been a disaster in the world and the population of the world has decreased considerably. Big companies have merged to form an evil company to conduct human experiments. The purpose of this company is to prevent people from starting a civil war and to make people work as they want. They don't want civil war because the world population has already decreased a lot. They also make people stronger and more resilient than they are through demonic human experiments.



The game has two endings, one is the main ending, that is the ending reached by all players. And the other is the alternate (secret) ending. If you find all easter eggs in the game you reach this alternate ending (I didn't reach this ending).



The puzzles in this game are not as difficult as in Limbo, so you can solve the puzzles in a much shorter time. You don't understand much about puzzles at first sight, but you don't have a single chance to complete these puzzles, you can solve them by trial and error by trying any combination you want! Because the game is very immersive, you can get carried away while playing, but beware, some parts can be a little scary, because sometimes there are sudden sound effects, so if you concentrate too much, you can get scared. :)



One of the things that excited me the most in the game was the dogs. The dogs behind you are chasing you very quickly and you can get rid of them by jumping from the cliff into the sea or by jumping to the opposite side of the road just when the dogs are going to catch you.
I really liked it because the moment you think you can't escape and you scream, you get out of there, what an action!



We are walking in the game without stopping. After a while, we come across people, but these people are not people in black clothes chasing us.

These people can't communicate with each other, they can't move because the bad guys in black clothes have brainwashed these people and they control them, just like a puppet. They line up brainwashed people and test their behavior and actions, if someone behaves normally and leaves the test, they will be killed.



A few puzzles later, we are among these people and we pretend to be controlled like other people, but while we are acting, the company's dogs instinctively understand that we are not brainwashed and the dogs rush towards us. The employees of the company, who see the dogs, point their flashlights towards us and start chasing us. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but run.



After escaping, we see that a very large part of the building we are in is under water, and we dive into the water. We are moving in a small watercraft and looking around.

After going a little further, we see a moving object. What was that? We meet a little mermaid who can breathe in water! This little girl suddenly pulls our character out of the watercraft and forcibly pulls us under the water, no matter how hard we try not to drown, we can't escape and she drags us into the depths of the water.





After a while, we see that we are under water, connected to a mind control device. We see human bodies standing upside down, whose brains are connected to giant worms. These people's brains were eaten by giant worms. The worms connect to the brain control device, allowing the brainwashed people to be controlled.



After a few seconds, the mind control device leaves our body and we continue to sink. Then we wake up and realize that we can now breathe under the sea! Yes, that was one of those experiments. It was one of the human experiments I just mentioned. The goals of this company were to control people's minds and make people much more resilient. People who could breathe under water, people who could breathe without oxygen even though the air in the city was very polluted... Everything is getting clearer now...

To be honest, I don't want to give more spoilers about this game, but since this is a game review, I want to tell you about my favorite puzzle that made me say WOW!!!

The Pulse (Shockwave Puzzle)



With the help of the brainwashed workers, we reach a base and enter an area. Workers can't come to this area with us and we walk alone. While walking, there are constant explosions and the whole place shakes.

Boxes, objects on the ground, everything explodes, and scrap car parts hurled by the instensivity of the explosions come towards us. In fact, sound effects are of great importance in this puzzle because when the loud explosion sound comes, the environment shakes and something explodes.

First, a bridge comes in front of us, but the front of the bridge is blocked by a big box, so we push it first, but while pushing the box, the box suddenly explodes with a loud noise, it was scary. I was very concentrated on the game while playing this puzzle.



There are iron trenches on the bridge, we have to hide behind these trenches when there will be an explosion, otherwise the objects thrown by the shock waves can kill us.



Some trenches are disabled and you have to activate it by pulling the levers on the bridge, but remember, these levers control two trenches at the same time, and when you pull the lever, you activate the trenche next to you and disable the trenche ahead, which is what makes this puzzle exciting!

You have to close the trench you opened after each explosion by pulling the lever again. The moment you pull the lever, the trench next to you closes and the trench ahead becomes active, so you have to be careful in this puzzle because if you don't activate the trenches, you will die.



Then the bridge ends and you reach a ladder. There is also a lever here. When you pull the lever, a big and heavy mechanism comes into action.

We need to use this mechanism because something is blocking the ladder, so we can't use the ladder. When this mechanism works, it breaks what's blocking the ladder.



You have to walk carefully after climbing the ladder because if you don't pay attention, you can die during the explosion.



Then we see a black ball inside a yellow sphere. We pulled the lever on the ball and made the ball lift us up.



With the help of the sphere, you enter a new room. You come across a lever and there are people sitting in chairs in this room. These people are brainwashed like other people and they don't move. When you pull the lever, the shield that protects the room is lifted and the door opens.



We see a sliding iron door. We push this door and continue on our way. This door acts as a shield and protects us from objects thrown by explosions. This part is actually the second part of the bridge part and it is much more difficult than the first part.



While walking with the door, we have to pass quickly over the small bridge above the pipes, otherwise the iron door we hold onto will be blown away by the impact of the explosion and we will die by being thrown with the door.





After crossing the bridge, we slide down a slope of pipes and get into an elevator and the shockwaves stop. We continue the game for a new puzzle! :)

Last Words

Thank you very much for reading my review. If you have played INSIDE before, please let me know! Please feel free to comment! :)


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