Game Review: 60 Seconds | A survival based dark comedy game | First impressions


I played 60 seconds a few months ago and deleted the game after playing it. I usually delete the games I finished but I couldn't quite finish this game, I downloaded it on a whim and played until the characters died.


Yes, I knew the characters would die because I didn't get enough supplies and tools before I landed in the shelter. By the way, I played the game in apocalypse mode.


After I landed in the shelter, I tried a tactic I had read on the internet. In the early days, I didn't give anyone water and soup because we had limited supplies. In the shelter there was Ted, Dolores, and Timmy.


I would give water to everyone in the shelter every 5 days and soup every 7 days. In the first days, everything was going well, but because we lived in a small shelter, we could not perceive whether it was day or night, so everyone's sleep patterns and psychology were ruined.


Another tactic I read online was that I shouldn't go out until the 10th day, so I waited 10 days until I sent someone out. I was giving soup to Dolores, Ted, and Timmy every 5 days. One can of soup was enough to feed 4 people. Likewise, 4 people could quench their thirst with one bottle of water. If we had taken the radio with us, we could have known about the nuclear explosion outside, but I had 60 seconds to collect the supplies, so I didn't have enough time to get the radio.


It was finally the 10th day, but I couldn't send anyone out because the contamination level was high. There were frequent noises from the telephone booth outside, apparently someone was alive and the telephone in the booth was ringing. I had to send someone outside to pick up the phone, but I didn't send anyone because it was deadly outside.


A few days later it was Timmy's birthday and he was depressed like everyone else, I gave him a checkers set as a gift, his mood is better now, I hope.


I decided to make an expedition for the 11th day. On the 11th day, nobody wanted to go out, our resources were running out day by day, sooner or later someone had to go out. On the 12th day, I sent Timmy out but forgot to give him drinking water, when I realized that it was too late for everything.


After a few days, everyone had to take a bath, but we didn't have enough water for that. I solved the bathroom problem with insecticide (insect killing spray). There were frequent outside noises on other days but I didn't send anyone out because timmy was already outside and hadn't been back in the shelter in almost a week. A few days passed, and I gave Dolores and Ted a glass of water and soup. I had given up on Timmy because he didn't come back, and I gave Timmy's soup and drinking water to Dolores and Ted the next day. A few days later I traded one can of soup for a cat with a trader outside the shelter.


The cat slightly improved the psychology of Ted and Dolores. In the following days, cockroaches invaded our shelter and unfortunately there was nothing we could do about it because we had used the insecticide for the bathroom. Our supplies were very low, we had enough water, but we only had one can of soup left. In the following days, I sent Ted out with a rifle. Dolores was left alone with the cat and was quite depressed.


We hadn't heard from Timmy for two weeks, I think he died of thirst. I actually didn't think Ted would be back, but he came back in about a week and I gave him some water and soup. Ted saw a retirement home near the shelter, so we stole soup from the retirement home because we only had half a can of soup left. Now we have 4 cans of soup, woohoo!


It was finally the 50th day but there was a problem, Dolores or Ted drank a can of soup that could feed four people while everyone else was asleep. In the morning, I blamed Dolores of drinking the soup because she was more mentally ill than Ted. A few days later, Ted found a car key in his pocket and went outside to check on his car.


Ted was back to the shelter a week later. When he entered the shelter, Dolores was already dead... Dolores died because her disease progressed quickly...


Dolores had drank all the soup and water while Ted was out, but that wasn't a problem for Ted, because while Ted was out, he saw that there was a school near the shelter, so I sent him to the school to get supplies, and he brought 4 bottles of water from the school. I gave Ted a glass of water to drink, but his wounds were in very bad condition and were getting worse day by day. The next day there was a knock at the shelter's door and I sent Ted out.


3 days later Ted was back to the shelter, but he was infected by the wounds on his arm and he died in the shelter...


Actually 60 Seconds is a bit of a weird and creepy game. I was a little scared of the game because I tried so hard not to let them die, but I couldn't. Maybe years later I can play 60 Seconds again and keep them alive in the shelter until their radioactive neighborhood is restored.

Last Words

Thank you very much for reading my game review. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment! :)


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