Cryptobrewmaster: My Rewards for the week 12th April to 18th April 2021

Was not able to play the game properly as I was travelling most of the time. However was able to get few rewards. Next week will be able to play let see where it goes.... 😝😜😝

Here are my last week rewards and I never user Finish Now option in the game but I do spend a lot of time playing or on screen... 🀘🏼🀘🏼

Last week rewards:

Ranking & Reward for Top Manufacturer

Position: 25 || Score: 350 || Reward: I did not get any #Hive or #ASH as I was on 25th Place.

Ranking & Reward for Resource Producer

Position: 17 || Score: 2673 || Reward: 1 HIVE + 10 ASH


If you want to know how to produce Beer or Resources I have made some guides on Water Tower, Brew House and Hops Farm. You can visit below links for the complete guide. Hope it's helpful. I will be posting about other building soon.

Complete guide on Water Tower or Brewing Water you can visit: @rohansuares/cryprobrewmaster-water-tower-explained-in-detail

For complete guide on Brew House: @rohansuares/cryptobrewmaster-complete-guide-for-the-brew-house

Guide on Hops Farm: @rohansuares/cryptobrewmaster-complete-guide-for-the-hops-farm

If you have not registered yet and are interested in playing the game feel free to click on the below link to register and claim your free Cards or Resources.

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