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Let's watch me swing as spiderman and finish another mission that I've successfully finished and uploaded the gameplay in YouTube.

Mission Overview:
Police found Martin Li's car. Hope Spiderman hasn't lost him.

YouTube Link:

So last time Martin Li got away with the serum and now police has found his car and I got another chance to try and stop him as Spiderman.

Let's see what I can do about that.

Screenshot (2).png

After getting info about the whereabout of Martin Li from Yuri, I started swinging towards the location and Dr. Michaels gave me some information about Norman in the meantime.

When I got to the location, I found Martin Li gone already so Spiderman called MJ to warn her and her phone was switched off.

Screenshot (3).png

And I got to play as Mary Jane when she was inside a big hall full of Oscorp technologies. MJ was there following the lead of Standish said the Demons are looking for something at GCT (Grand Central Terminal).

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

I got to examine those displays of Oscorp so I started interacting with them and all I was getting were information about the projects.

Screenshot (6).png

Then I've found this Gala Microbe Dispersal Device that looks like a bomb. I was listening to the Oscorp Display bot which was giving me information about this device.

Screenshot (7).png

Screenshot (8).png

There came Martin Li behind MJ and asked her to remain calm and do as he asks so this will be easier for everyone.

Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (10).png

But MJ screamed and called a police. The police was about to come but there were Demons attacked the police first and took him down.

Demons took the device and took MJ as hostage as well.

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (12).png

There came a lot more Demons and they shut the gate off, attacked the guards and made everyone hostage.

Then Martin Li called Osborn's office and asked Osborn to come to GCT by himself in thirty minutes or there'll be more blood on his hands.

Screenshot (13).png

Martin Li then used the serum that he hijacked from Dr. Michaels into the device.

Screenshot (14).png

Screenshot (15).png

Mary Jane sent texts to Spiderman with clues about the incident at GCT. Then Spiderman called MJ and MJ was talking though comms it seems and MJ let Spiderman about the actual situation that Li was about to release Devil's Breath using the device.

Screenshot (18).png

After Spiderman reached the terminal, he wished to know if there' any safe exit through the ventilation system and then I've found one at Southwest corner.

Screenshot (19).png

Screenshot (21).png

There was this tablet that was being used to control the drones over there so I needed to steal it when Spiderman distracts the guards.

Screenshot (22).png

A man tried to fight the bad guys when I was about to steal the tablet and the Demons became active but the tablet was being stole already.
That man was about to get slaughtered so to save his life, MJ said he has a direct line to Mayor Osborn and she can help make sure Osborn arrives on time.

Screenshot (24).png

Demons were moving MJ to another place when Martin was coming their way.

Screenshot (25).png

Screenshot (26).png

And there was Spiderman on the way took the bad guy away from MJ.

Screenshot (27).png

Screenshot (28).png

Now as MJ, I need to be careful and move forward without being detected by Demons.

Screenshot (29).png

Screenshot (30).png

After MJ used the tablet to control the drones, Spiderman came over to take her out of this but MJ refused as the civilians may die if they leave now.

Screenshot (31).png

Now I needed to return to the bomb at the hall room and I started helping Spiderman distracting the guards when Spidey could web them away easily.

Screenshot (32).png

Screenshot (33).png

Screenshot (34).png

I went to the hall room and kept destructing guards so they leave their place and became alone and Spiderman kept tying them on top.

Screenshot (35).png

Then Martin Li came over and noticed the change so he asked a Demon to start the timer of the bomb and they did.

Screenshot (36).png

Screenshot (37).png

The bomb has a timer of 2 minutes and I needed to disarm it as MJ. I was surprised not seeing anyone around the bomb and it became easy for me to get to it.

Screenshot (38).png

I got near the bomb and disarmed it after some try. I guess I'm learning some skills about these things from the game hahaha.

Screenshot (39).png

Now that the bomb was disarmed, I needed to clear a path for hostages as Spiderman so the hostages don't die. Killed all the guards around the hostages one by one without being detected and then the hostages left the terminal following MJ.

Screenshot (40).png

Screenshot (41).png

Now I got a fighting scene with the Demons and I needed to defeat them to reach further in the story.


Screenshot (42).png

Martin Li was about to escape again and this time by a train. But I didn't give him the chance again to escape me. I broke through the back door of the train and I faced Martin Li as Spiderman in a real fight scene for the first time

Screenshot (43).png

Screenshot (44).png

He was throwing his best powers at me and I kept dodging and kept attacking when he gets tired using his powers continuously.

Screenshot (45).png

Screenshot (46).png

Then Martin jumped over to another running train holding Spiderman and gave some punches on Spiderman's face.

Screenshot (47).png

Screenshot (48).png

But the bad guy was defeated at a point.

Screenshot (49).png

Then Spiderman found the running train without brakes as the driver room was totally destroyed.

Screenshot (50).png

Its time to do some web game that we watched in Spiderman 2 movie where Doc Octavia broke the brake of the train and Tobey as Spiderman tried his best and then stopped the running train using his webs.

Screenshot (51).png

Screenshot (52).png

But the same incident wasn't followed here as our Spiderman couldn't stop the train using only webs so he broke the train track and sent it to upper side that goes to the highway and the train stopped there which made less casualties.

Screenshot (53).png

Screenshot (54).png

The infamous Marin Li got caught this time and was taken away to Sables prison.

Screenshot (55).png

Screenshot (56).png

The scene was being taken by Sables and the bomb was also taken by them.

Screenshot (57).png

Spiderman sent a voice message to MJ to know when she was ready to talk.

Screenshot (58).png

Screenshot (59).png

MJ replied in a text that she's not ready to talk yet and Spiderman replied, "OK. It's over, btw." Spidey talked about the incident that happened around Martin Li.

Screenshot (60).png

But MJ thought it was over between then and she replied, "Over? OK fine."

Screenshot (61).png

Screenshot (62).png

Then Spiderman said the real thing and then he wished to know if MJ want it to be over.

Screenshot (63).png

Screenshot (64).png

MJ replied with negative which was a good sign and Spidey was happy about that but then MJ again replied the maybe it should be over and she needs some time to figure some things out.

Screenshot (65).png

Screenshot (66).png

MJ started being all moody and said she need to do some work and she'll call Spidey the next day, MAYBE.

Screenshot (67).png

The Event was completed and I earned 3500 XP.
Then I stopped playing for the time being.

That's all for now.
I'll swing again soon.

Be safe till we meet again.
Au revoir/Goodbye.

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