Rabona Work Report #10 — Referrals 2.0 and new pages in V2 interface

In this Work Report we officially announce a completely new Referrals system for Rabona, as well introduce multiple new pages which have been implemented in the V2 interface. Read on to learn more!

* * *

💰 Referrals 2.0

This is an exciting one! 🚀 We have completely revamped how referrals work in Rabona. Previously both the referrer and the referred users would receive 25,000 RBN each. This was almost a negligible amount, given in-game prices and the price of RBN token.

The new Referrals 2.0 system is completely different. It not only pays RBN, but also HIVE! It also rewards much higher amounts and promotes active users.

The total amount of rewards which can be paid by Rabona for a single referrals is 🤑 $1.50. Of that $1.10 can go to the referrer, while $0.40 can go to the user who joined by the referral.

Rewards are paid in two tranches:

1st tranche

Referring UserReferred User
$0.50 in HIVE$0 in HIVE
$0.10 in RBN$0.20 in RBN

2nd tranche

Referring UserReferred User
$0.50 in HIVE$0 in HIVE
$0 in RBN$0.20 in RBN

However, the second tranche of rewards will only be paid out, if the user who joined by the referral is active for at least two weeks after joining.

So it pays out to bring new players into the game, but it is much more profitable if these players will keep playing the game.

The new Referrals page in V2 interface, already showing the new referrals system and estimated earnings in USD. Available at v2.rabona.io/app/referrals.

So don't wait and bring your friends in! Let's have fun together (and a little bit of crypto 📈)!

Huge shoutout to @uyobong for bringing up the topic of referral systems in blockchain games and mentioning Rabona, as well as providing a valuable insights into the topic.

📈 Exchange V2

Another great addition is the all-new Exchange page, which has been implemented into the V2 interface.

A new V2 Exchange page, available at v2.rabona.io/app/exchange.

It is similar to the one in V1, but offers a much better user experience overall. The chart has been updated to allow previewing different time frames (from 1d up to 1y).

Also, the RBN/USD price preview has been added to simplify calculations.

ℹ️ Keep in mind

Direct USD to RBN trade is not possible. RBN can be sold for USD only through HIVE. Thus remember, that RBN/USD price depends on HIVE/USD price as well.

💵 Wallet V2

Another page, which has been implemented into the V2 interface, is the Wallet page.

Apart from letting you preview all the currency incomes and outcomes, as well as transferring RBN to other users, it now also displays your account value in both HIVE and USD. This can be useful to track how the value of your RBN holdings change over time.

The new V2 Wallet page, available at v2.rabona.io/app/wallet.

🛣️ Next moves

The plan for the nearest future is to quickly move forward with porting remaining pages to the V2 interface, so that we no longer have to support V1 interface.

At the same time we are working hard not only on the game itself, but also try to invite new people to the team. We will share more info soon 💪.

* * *

🗨️ Join and contribute to the Rabona Official Feedback Board

As outlined we are very happy to have the feedback board now and saw a lot great contributions from you guys already, thanks for that! The suggestions will keep us busy for the next 24 months at least. This really helps a lot to listen to the community feedback and take it into
account in roadmaps.

The Feedback Board is available at https://rabona.nolt.io. You can post suggestions, vote on suggestions of others, and discuss any of the suggestions to add your voice—and feel free to do so!

* * *

If you have any questions, join our Discord Server, use the comments below or add suggestions to the Rabona Feedback Board.

Thanks to all supporters of Rabona!

— Your Rabona Team: @rondras, @mciszczon and @uwelang

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