I Am The Architect | Hellpoint - Episode 11 [Pusen Plays]

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It's time for bad excuses. I downgraded the world difficulty. The challenge was to big. Not so big that it would have been impossible to exceed but big enough that it became an annoyance. I simply did not want to spend to much more time on this game. The difficulty would definitely have increased the longevity of the game by a couple of hours but I don't want that.

It did feel a little bad as I destroyed the boss that so decimated me in the last episode. It did feel a little bad as I just bulldozed my way through the rest of this area. It did however feel good to finally meet the Architect. This guy looks like something straight out of Dead Space. They must have drawn some inspiration from that game with this guy.

Now that we've spent 11 episodes looking for this guy he simply tells us we aren't ready for him yet. We need more knowledge. Well thanks man. I guess there's nothing left to do but to set off into the unknown once more in search of knowledge. What an asshole.

Enjoy the episode!

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