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The final episode of DOOM is upon us! What an amazing and brutal ride this has been and it's topped up with a great level and an awesome boss to go with it. I guess you can say this boss is the brain behind this invasion.

The only thing I didn't like about this level is that we didn't get to kill Olivia Pierce ourselves. I don't really know what she was expecting either. Did she expect to consort with the demons, the lords of hell, and not be betrayed? I guess the promise of power is a corrupting force.


Then comes that boss. Holy moly what a boss design! A fucking crab brain! I really like how the boss fights in this game sort of makes you dance. You gotta avoid the attacks in a certain pattern to not get hit. First a jump then a crouch then you turn it all around.

Then after the boss is dead the inevitable happens. Samuel Hayden pulls us back and I guess he has some way to stun us or something seeing as he takes the Crucible and makes a run for it. If we weren't stunned we would have destroyed his robotic ass. They're really setting up for DOOM Eternal with that ending!

This game was just awesome through and through. I had a great time going through it. It had a perfect length and I didn't feel like any sections of the game acted as filler. Every level was necessary and had a purpose in the story. The enemy design is some of the best I've ever seen as well with the Cyberdemon being the coolest of them all.


I also got kind of interested in playing that ultra nightmare mode. That mode has permanent death so that means you gotta finish the whole game in a single life on the hardest difficulty. If you die it puts down a death marker to mark your progress. That's kinda insane. I don't think I have it in me though. I'd rather play a new game instead of grinding this out.

I'm gonna have to get around to DOOM Eternal eventually. I have it wishlisted on Steam so as soon as it's on sale at the same time as I'm looking for a new game I'm pulling that trigger. I will probably be making a series of that as well if it doesn't end up being to long. I don't want to have a 30 episode series going. At least not with my posting frequency. That's gonna be a year long series in that case which is a bit excessive.

To those of you who have been watching the series. Thanks a lot! Your support means the world to me. The next game I'll be doing in A Plague Tale: Innocence. Expect to see the first episode of that in about a week!

Enjoy the episode!

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