Path of Exile - Best end game ??

Hello Hive, hope you are all doing great !

I am playing Path of Exile again, and this game never stop to amaze me. It is free to play, non pay to win and have an amazing content, which keeps geting updated.
What really makes me never quit it, is that it's end game is incredible. There are a lot of things to do, and all of them will give you a good profit, so in the end, you choose what you want to do !
From crafting incredible rare gear to killing some amazing bosses in order to get extremely rare itens.

I will try to talk a little about each end game content. The game have a gigantic database, and its impossible to talk about every detail, so i will do my best to explain it !




This is your main end game, and you should definitely go direct to it after finishing the final act.
The Atlas is a series of linked maps that you must progress through after completing the main game quests. You can run maps within the Map Device at your hideout.

you start with one of four starting maps in the center of the Atlas. These tier 1 maps start dropping on Act 8. You can find new maps in adjacent connected maps in the Atlas or questing in the game after the act 8. You usually drop one map on every map, so it kinda pay itself, and its one of the main goals after you finish the main quests.

After completing each map, you will unlock new paths and luckly find new maps while doing it.
I managed to complete almost 40% os the map without having to buy extra maps. But i decided to sell all the maps i have gather in order to upgrade my build, and now im out of maps lol.

The Atlas have more then 150 different maps and 8 regions each of which have many maps within them.

Maps also have different tiers, and the the highest you go the harder it gets, i sometimes try running tier 16 maps (max lvl) but i end up dying to much, and end up loosing more XP then gathered lol.

As you can see in the following image there is still a lot to cover. i am kinda broken right now, so i am trying to find cheap maps on the market.

To unlock the final game boss, you must run trough the entire atlas, it's almost impossible to do it if you are a newb.

Till today i managed only to finish the full atlas once. It is a really nice content to play after you finish the game, you will get amazing drops and definitely die a lot. But it really gives you a purpose to continue playing after finishing the final act.



Another great end game possibility is the Heist.
In this game mode you will have to run a random dungeon to steal the artifact protected in the end of the dungeon. The more chests you open while you cross it, the higher your alert bar goes up. if it hits the limit, the alarm will ring, you will fail the mission, and tons of monsters will try to kill you, you will start running desesperetly and will end up agroing a lot of monsters. this will get you killed.
if you reach the end, and loot the item, the alarm will also ring, but you will complete the mission, now you just have to go all the way back and pretty much try to survive the enemie traps and monsters.
You can give your mercenarys itens in order to help you. you find this itens inside Heists or you can buy them in the market.

I also love this mode, you can really profit while doing it. I am not an expert in this game, but i've seen people getting pretty rich here.

I love it cause it gives me a lot of adrenaline lol... you wont be able to keep your itens if you die in your way back, so when u drop something awesome, be prepared to die and get ultra mad.

it's funny cause i was taking some pictures of it and it went exactly like i expected.

1- looting everything.. nice... profit...

2- time to escape, i dont even know whats going on, so much sh*t in my screen.

3- im dead. i swear this is worst then dark souls..

Azurite Mines :

This is another great content of the game. Aside the main missions, atlas, heist and everything else, you have the Azurite mine.

Here you will try to go as deep as possible, in order to get more and more rewards. You will need some sort of gas to run it, but you can easly get it randomly in any acts or maps. you will see yellow veins in the floor, and you just click it ! i will try to basicly explain how it works :

1- there is a map, where you can see the paths, your objetive is go down and down ! so look for a good path, and start yout journey. once you select your path the mission will start.


2 - You must keep track of the mining cart, if he goes to far away, it will become dark, and dark kills you...just like everything else in this GAME !!!!!!! so keep track of it till you reach the end point !


3 - Some monsters will try attack you during you trip. sometimes 5 monsters... sometimes 244.323.523 monsters..


4 - but in the end ... there is profit !

There are some builds in this game special designed to play trough this mine. Its a nice feature the game have, but it's not my favorite one. I prefer sticking with maps and heists so far...

ahn. there are some secret passages in this mines, where you will find walls you can break, behind them you might find some rare items, and some damm hard monsters. you can use flares to illuminte your path, but they only lasts a few seconds. so you must be quick.


Hardcore mode was one of the main reason i played Diablo 2, i really like this mode, and it makes everything critical when you are playing.

In hardcore mode dying mean you character is gone. Everything you gathered, from itens to XP in that character, is now gone forever of that league.

This is where the game come true, and you feel like your heart is about to explode when you are doing something dangerous, like.. breathing. seriously, in this game everything can turn you into dust.

The real pro players, play this mode. If you don't have a complete knowledge of this game, it will just make you angry, because in many times, you got no idea what killed you.

This is a compilation from the Youtube Channel "Gaming_Scenes" from some pro players dying in Hardcore more, you can pretty much see their souls leaving their body sometimes. Its really fun to watch lol.

I managed to get a lvl 41 hardcore character, but im afraid of even loging in that character.



Crafting is also one of the end game options.

This game have one of the most advanced and complete crafting system i have ever seen in my life. The best itens in this game are made by its own players. There are a lot of great equipment in the game like unique and rare items you can find while killing monsters or doing any content, but to get that really speacial item, with exactly everything you need, you will need to craft it !

And here things get bat shit krazy. The ammount of possibilities and % of success rate, will make you go nut. from Jewels, fossils, orbs, recipes and many other items, you will be able to create what perfects suits you. it wont be easy and cheap, but if you become a master in crafts in this game, you will pretty much be richier them any player around there. you can turn you currency into 100x quickly by taking a look at the market prices and creating items people are seeking for.

this is a bow i crafted my self, which suits my toxicrain build very well. its far away from being perfect, but i love it. i've been melting everything in my way lol.


Uber Elder Boss

To fight the Uber Elder you must obtain all of his fragments from the Shaper and the Elder fights, which are already inane fights. Once you obtained all of them (4 pieces) place them in the map device and now fight them together =D.
If you die more then 5 times, and you will. the portal will close, and you will lose your fragments and exp. Well.. i can at least say i saw them. The only time i managed to summon him, i got 1 shot, 5 times in a row. So i decided i wont disturb them anymore.
As i could not had any time even to take a screenshot, i will give you a link with the battle if you want to see what it looks like :



I think it's very important for all games to have a great endgame content, if they want they player base to keep active. When you build a great game and you put a lot of money on it, you can't simply let your players go away. That is why i am always comming back to POE, each new league, i will certainly be present.

Games should focus more on the end game, specially mmorpg games, where it tends to be boring after finishing the main objective.

Path of exile delivers that feeling that you always have something new to achieve, and with all the new leagues and updates, it keep geting better and better !

Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you never played Path of Exile, you definitely should give it a try !

Images in this post were taken by me using my steam account and the official game : Path of Exile
other images are sourced.





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