[FARCRY 5] Single player games are not dead.

I have been playing so much online games, that i ended forgeting how awesome single players can be.

I am glad i choose farcry 5 to get back in single play action.


The game have a sick background history, and some awesome characters who will interact with you everywhere. The main map is divided in 3 regions, each one ruled by one of John Seed sons, you will need to convert this regions back to his citizens by finishing of all enemy forces. You will do this by completing quests, destroying enemy blocks on the road, destroying their proprieties, killing kidnapers, recovering back the main buildings and much more. After you manage to clean your region, you will end up fighting the region boss.

The game is so good and fun to play, that in my first 2 hours i had already decided i would go for 100% completion on this game. this means, all quests, collectables, unlocking all map and places, destroying all single enemy structure. I already finished my 1 region in 100%.

I started with John's Region, he was born as a really nice boy, very sweet and kind, but was an easy pray to be converted into this sick faction, and he ended become a crazy guy who want's to apply pain in everyone in order to "free them from it's sins".


Recovering the main buildings back is my favorite part of the game, there will be dozens of soldiers waiting for you, and you must clean every single soul in order to capture it back. Luckly the controls feel awesome, the game got a great pace, its fast, but not crazy fast ! Sniper Rifles have always been my favorite weapons in all games since i am a proud camper ! Here things are not different, i love hiding in high hills or montains and finish them one by one while they are clueless. As i am playing the game on hard difficulty, if you get spoted and the alarm goes off, there is absolutely nothing you can do, i tried to run sometimes, but airplanes will end up chasing you, and man, they suck. After recovering, it will be a new base for you, where you can get new weapons, ammo and maybe a new ride. These are the "Advanced Post missions". This missions are great to run since after you complete them the enemies roaming around will be much less. So it will be easier to move around without engaging unwanted fights.

diamantes missoes.png

the "Stock Preparation missions" it's what i do when i want to take a break from shooting, but still want to run missions. This Missions will help you get back control in the region, but also will give you a lot of money and skill points to help you advance. They are just mini mazes and puzzles, very simple to resolve. I got tricked in one only, that took me about 10 minutes to find out the safe i was looking for. I really don't like this kind os missions very much, but since im going for 100% i must do all of them aswell. The good part is that you get a lot of money and can buy new upgrades and new weapons/veichles, also unlocking new abilities to your character, that you can pick as you want. Abilities go from learning parachuting to carrying extra ammo abilities. They are pretty usefull. Ive been using most of the points to boost my maximum HP.

ataque aereo.png

i've been flying around a lot. Usually before engaging in enemy bases, i do an airplane scan. But i scan them with bullets and missiles. This will clear maybe 30-40% of the current enemies. If you fly to low you will be spoted and they will take you down quickly enough. i don't know why, but sometimes i seem to get stuck into the plane and i can't seem to drop from it, but usually it's a safe flight. Feels great to pilot this airplanes. Sometimes i will end up doing some risky tricky stunt moves. 95% of the time i fail and regret. but when it work, i congratulate myself. Enemies will show up with their own planes sometimes and a sky battle will begin, i really like this ones, a few enemies fly like newbs, but there are some pretty hard ones, that might end up finishing you. Trying to reach the ground is also a bad idea while in battle, they will definitely kill you.


The landscape in this game is beautifull, and the fact that you are free to do what ever you want is even better in this game. I usually keep roaming around until i find someone who needs help or a place that i didn't go before in order to find new missions. But there some activities you can do that are pretty fun. i like fishing in real life, and fishing in this game feels really smooth. When i find a sweet spot, i will probably end up stoping to catch a few fishes. The Wingsuit is also pretty cool. There are some places in the game that you must stop in order to fish or do some skydiving, they are just perfect for it. Doing extreme downhills with quads can be quite funny to.


This is what your screen looks like when the alarm goes of, and this is what makes this game perfect. It is challenging. I probably died about 200 times now. Some stupid deaths, like hiting a tree with my airplanes, or falling from cliffs. But my worst nightmares in this game so far are the armored units, and the ones with rocket launchers. The armor units, when you see them, they are already to close from you, and they are equipped with some heavy machine guns. They usually make my screen go blurry imediatly, and after that you know your going to die, while panicking. Well the sniper units are pretty assholes, and i know what it feels like being on the other side of the scope. I can never see them, when i spot the laser, means im geting hit in less then 1 second and the alarm will go off, there are no time to hide from them.


They have some arcades around the map, took me a while until i decided to finally interact with them. but after seeing it so many times i decided to go for it.
There are a bunch of "mini games" created by the community. i tried some maps indiv/coop, and they are all some place of the map with like 60-90 to kill. if you beat the stage, you get gold to buy your stuffs. They are not really different from what you already do, so i don't see a good a point. I really wanted to give a try to the multiplayer maps, but it cant seem to find a match. a waited for 8 minutes, 2 times, and not a single match was found. i will try again in a different time. might be good !

100% john.png

John's region is done. There are still 2 "unfinished" quests. These 2 are the collectable quests. Items are split between the 3 regions, so i will need to finish the game in order to finish them.
So far i could not be happier. I loved the game style. Besides a few missions where you get captured, and must escape through a certain way with none or limited weapons, all the other missions you may do the way you want. From attacking with a chopper, or arriving with a .50 on top of your jeep making everyone into pieces. This freedom is what i like in games. I really like to make things my way and when the game give me a bunch of tools to do it, its a perfect call !

Final thoughts

It feels good to play an awesome single player game again. im excited to start the next region and i forsee some good hours of pure joy !
Single player games with open world are something that i will start looking further. i am loving the experience. it has been relaxing playing this game, beside all my deaths. its good to game without that extreme competition fever that online games bring. Making your journey in your own pace, its perfect.
glad to back to single players games like this after so many time.

Special thanks to Hive Gaming Discord group who recomended me this game.

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all screenshots weren taken by me while playing the game in my steam account. used paint to edit the first one.

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