Albert Wesker - How Badass is he ?

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"Every day, humans come one step closer to self-destruction. I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it!" -Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker, as we call him (probably not his real name) from the Resident Evil Series, was one of the Project W subects, This man herded an incredible ammount of intelligence from his parents, which led him to become a researcher in Project T-Virus, he ended up helping to build the most killer virus the earth has ever faced.

What he was trying to acchieve, was human evolution, and we can say in certain ways, he could acchieve it.

The thing is there are almost no LOGS from him as a child, in all series, but we do know he was taken away from his parents which a bunch of other kids, all called Weskers.

Umbrella Corporation wanted him so badly due his awesome grades and incredible intelligence. In 1979 he joined the group.


With the Umbrella Corporation, his researches with the virus advanced. With a stolen sample, this mad scientist was able to create a new Virus, using the T-Virus and Ebola ! This new genetic is what make it so dangerous. Now people would survive the virus, becoming zombies, and spreading it to the whole earth. He was responsible for torturing and killing thousand and thousands of peoples.

The first time i met him was on Resident Evil, from PS1, where he shows up as the Leader of STARS squad. You really think he is going to save everyone, as he look badass as f***. But he end up trying to kill his whole squad, one by one, while stuck in that mansion.

Resident Evil was really impressive for me, since i was just a small kid when i first watched my friends playing. I wouldn't imagine how much of this guy i would see in the next 20 years of my life, lol.

Before fighting him, we will meet a lot of his creations. Those fights were always extremely difficult, most cause i would be in fear trying to point the gun into these aberrations.
Tyrant was the first Real Boss i fought, and it was just the beggining. Since Wesker created so much shit, i decided to pick 2 of my favorite creations.


This is Tyrant 001. He is a biological weapon created with the T-VIRUS and leeches. Considered his first great experiment, it still had a big problem, since almost no individuals are compatible with the virus, they end up geting their brain destroyed, and being unnable to follow orders. Becomming an useless killing machine.
It did served for the production of new variants, which were improving in some aspects, but still far away from the desired final product. We will see some other like the Tyrant T 002, Tyrant R, Tyrant C and much others !
We could see at this point, that Wesker was doing everything in order to eliminate the human race, creating an ideology and a dark future for everyone.


Nemesis T-Type was for me the most awesome of his creations. This guy made me ran a lot in the series. Nemesis is just a T-103, who got buffe a lot, with the help of the French Umbrella. They used a parasite called NE-Alfa which attacked the host, getting total control of it, while not damaging the brain. This resulted in a much more powerfull weapon, ready to attend any command ! It was awesome that you could choose either if wanted to fight him or run. Hearing the word "Starssss" would make my heart go to 200bpm. the worst part is when he is following you, slowly walking towards you, with a f**** bazooka attached to him. i like the way he appeard in the movies too.

After several tests it was time to Wesker inject himself. Since he was already tested as a kid, and managed to survive, he was ready to become infected, geting extreme powers, speed, intelligence while keeping his mind safe. And this lead us to Weskers Battle !


yes, you can't see him. That's how fast he go. In Resident Evil 5 you will end up fighting him. The fight is awesome and you can see how badass he really is. He stunt his enemies while killing them. This ultra intelligent villains always want to kill the humam race, as they see us like some sort of cancer in this planet, and well.. when you think about it, they are not totally wrong. Well.. to Kill him you must inject him the antidote. Get ready to fire tons of rockets in order to make it possible.


After Injecting him, you would think it's done. But nah. Now he will become some sort of Tyrant too, and will do everything to kill you.

You will run from him trough a maze of lava, until its time to get back on action and start shooting him !
He will take a lot of hits before going down, so i hope you reserver a lot of ammo. At this point, his heart will be exposed and you must focus on it. After a good ammount of shoots, he will end up falling in the lava, and well... time to melt.

His Legacy

Before dying he made sure to set a new form of virus ready to go. You will see it again in Resident evil 7, as Eveline. Its a E-001 Prototype, which can controll human heads around her. As his other creations, it came with a bunch of side effects aswell, turning her into a psyco just like him.

Its awesome how this bad guys decide to judge the whole earth. i really see the point on it, and its pretty much to save our planet. Still no one should be able to judge no one. we screwed this up ourselves, and we will definitely pay fo it. We are gowing like rabbits, and sooner then we think, we will be harvesting this seeds. Someone please help us. We can't do it ourselves.

This end sounded villanious =[

Hope you guys enjoyed my favorite villain, i sure did !

peace and love everyone. Stay Safe !

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