New World - It's all about the iron

I never knew I could have such strong feelings about iron.

It's 6 a.m. on a sunday morning. In a normally bustling town, I pass three people on my way out into the wilderness. I'm on a mission this morning. I'm out to get some iron!

I know this area. I know where to get my materials. And this early in the morning, with hardly anyone around, I must get lucky. Right?


I pass a big cluster of hemp plants. During the day and evening, these are usually gone. Grabbed quickly by the various players that always fill this area. This morning, they're all mine.


I climb up the mountain and find all of the silver ore nodes intact. I am not used to such riches up on these mountains. Usually, all that's left are a few hewn out rocks on the grounds. My hope rises!


Even the starmetal ore a little further up is intact and ready for me to collect. Although I still have a lot of unrefined starmetal scattered throughout my banks, I know I'll one day need it. So I'll definitely take this with me! Now, on to the iron ore nodes!


I walk along the mountain edge and in the distance, I see a few iron nodes. Could I be this lucky?

Then, I notice a couple of pumas chasing after a man who's madly swinging around his weapon, trying to get rid of them. His target? MY IRON!

I rush over and am lucky enough to start hewing away at the one iron node this man hasn't gotten his hands on yet. Darn. Even now they stand in my way.


I walk along my well-known path to look for more of the regular iron nodes. All of them gone. Reduced to a bit of rubble on the floor.

Even an early sunday morning can't keep people away from these precious iron nodes.


Stand in one place long enough, and you might get lucky to catch a respawn of a nice, big iron node. Don't stand too close though, or it might not load for you and you'll find another player standing next to you, hacking away at air, gathering that precious iron you need so badly.

New World. I love all of the gathering and crafting options. I hate that I need iron for everything. My list of arch nemeses has been growing considerably since starting this game. People really need to stay away from my iron!

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