My greatest hits - Building in games

As you might have noticed this last month, I've got buildings coming out of my ears in games. I really like the building type games, but I tend to get a little bored once my buildings are finished. And this week, I'm a little build-out (Is that a word? Doesn't even matter, I'm a coolworderiser according to @galenkp anyways).

But! Seeing as the Hive Gaming Community picked this week to host a building contest, this builder had to join! I'm taking you through my greatest hits throughout my building past though, because as I said, I'm a little build-out and besides that, my farm building options in Yonder are quite limited and that is the only game I've been playing aside from Guild Wars 2 this week.

Let's go!

The limited Yonder farm build

Playfulfoodie gaming building Yonder

So basically, for your farm in Yonder, you get a square grid and you can drop some items on there like big and small animal pens, tree and seed farming plots, decorations and I think even some other useful things, but I'm not that far along yet. So far, my farms are at a bare minimum, so they are not much to look at. Yonder holds more interesting things for me, like exploring, gathering and crafting, so I'm not expecting much from my farms yet.

Quick, let's move on to better things!

Buildings in Ark

Ahh Ark, I played a lot of Ark back in the day (2017-2018 according to my screenshots). I loved exploring and capturing dinosaurs. Looooved flying around on the dinosaurs to explore more and visit beautiful places. I wasn't much of a builder yet back then. Hubby took up that role. That results in only a few building screenshots from that time.

Playfulfoodie gaming building Ark

I was more interested in the Jerboa creatures. So cute! So I've got screenshots of our buildings, but mainly to capture the Jerboa breeding farm I had going.

Here's another screenshot which shows a very unimaginative block house with a whole bunch of animals...

Playfulfoodie gaming building Ark

Kinda clear what my priorities were there, huh?

Playfulfoodie gaming building Ark

Yeah, hubby was the one who made things cosy for us.

Enough about Ark!

Atlas buildings

Atlas was my Ark successor. This is where I caught the builders bug! From small, temporary 6 grid homes as starting points or easy teleport options, to alleyway houses, to big cliff buildings, ending in a need to add courtyards to my buildings. I won't be sharing those courtyards today, because I've got lots of other things to share and I already showed those here.

Playfulfoodie gaming building Ark

I loved my mountain home, because it was overlooking the sea in the distance, which would be to the left of the above picture.

One of my biggest project back then was my first cliff home.

Playfulfoodie gaming building Atlas

Yes, all of that wood was placed there by me and only me.

The home itself, in the middle, was already quite big (trust me, I zoomed out a lot for this screenshot), but I wanted more! So I added an animal pen right underneath the house (which held elephants and other animals) and the big stairs and platforms area to the left housed a couple of storage chests and cabinets. It was where we docked our ships. I think I even placed a guillotine up there.

The deck adjecent to the house gained a barbecue and seating area and the platform to the right and down became the place where I grew my vegetables. The big cliff platform up top was made into a bar-type area with an open water barrel and some other free to use objects.

Playfulfoodie gaming building Atlas

Atlas now wipes its servers every once in a while, calling it 'seasons', but basically using it to introduce big changes. This means all of my buildings have long since been wiped out. This place is still one of my favorite areas to (re)build my cliff house though, so I've build there a couple of times (and get really annoyed when someone else already build an unimaginative, small, crappy home there, blocking me out).

We also owned an island for a while, which we called 'Snake island'. It held soooo maaaaany snaaaakes. But it was the only island we were able to claim, so we made it work. We build up high on the cliffs ('snaking' our way up) and up top, we again build an open bar (with a typo! Oops!).

Playfulfoodie gaming building Atlas

It also housed a reading nook aaaaand my logo on a flag!

Playfulfoodie gaming building Atlas

Next was a simple cliff home which I loved because of its location.

Playfulfoodie gaming building Atlas

The stairs above the home go towards the top of the mountain which was such a serene place. I think I forgot to take screenshots there though... can't find any. So sad.

Some ways away, we build a dock and so I had to build a path all around the mountains to easily access those docks. Took a lot of effort, but hey, I love building! I even made a mid-way station...

Playfulfoodie gaming building Atlas

Looking at my next screenshots, my courtyard obsession started after this. So I'll leave you with one last building I made that isn't a courtyard!

Playfulfoodie gaming building Atlas

Yes, cliff house again. Beautiful area again! This is what I love about Atlas, exploring until I find the perfect, most beautiful places, to build my next home.


Hubby and I tried to play Valheim aswell. We did a little bit of building there, but we switched roles again. Hubby turned back into the builder, but we ended up not playing much.

Playfulfoodie gaming building Valheim

Looking at videos and screenshots of this game, it really calls out to me to come in and build some more. We just couldn't really get into it and honestly, I think my graphics in this game suck compared to what I see online.

Who knows though, maybe one day I'll try again and the next thing you'll know, I'll be building Valheim courtyards left and right.

Endings are hard

That's it! That's my tour through my greatest ingame building hits! Sure, there's been a lot of time playing games like The Sims aswell, but I'll be honest with you, I simply don't have screenshots from that far back. This will have to do. Atlas is by far my favorite game to build. There's plenty of building options and just as important: Many beautiful places to build!

Hope you've enjoyed the tour, and if you haven't yet, join this week's Hive Gaming Community contest by showing off your own ingame building skills!

All screenshots are ingame captures, created by me.

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