Just can't stay away - New World update

Bah, New World just keeps sucking me back in. I'm just checking out the latest update today!

And while I'm here... might aswell gather some more... do some townboard and faction quests... craft some more... hmm, just missing a few fibers, I'll gather just a little bit more... well I'm this far out now, might aswell fill my bags...


I'm still not happy about the quality of life in this game, but they did make some handy changes with the last update.

One of the most important changes to me is the Trading Post change. Where before, each town had their own Trading Post with its own listings, they are now connected all throughout the world. Gone are the days where you have to check every trading post to find that one, special piece of armor you need, just to find out you'll have to travel halfway across the map to even buy it.


This is definitely a great change for me and so I immediately checked to see if there were some nice armor upgrades for me. I found two. Our server is quite ehm... empty!

Which is awesome for gathering, so before server merges become a thing, it might be a good idea to stock up!

But where should I put all of that stuff...


Another change which might be a nice little bonus for those who don't get distracted easily is the 10% speed increase when running on roads. It's not much, but it will help you move between towns just a little bit faster if you don't want to use your Azoth.


Amazon also decided that a week in New World now reflects a week in real life. We now pay taxes for our houses every 7 days, instead of 5. I still think taxes are way too expensive/often, but hey, atleast it's something, right?


This update held quite a few changes, including some new foes to battle for a bigger variety of enemies. The above mentioned changes are just the ones that affect my gameplay the most. It's good to see some quality of life improvements and I'm hoping for many more!

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