The adventures of Woody and his friends have begun. || Toy Story for Super Nintendo(SNES). || Gameplay&Mini-guide.

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In 1995, Disney Interactive Studios released this platform video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Gameboy and Microsoft Windows consoles. This game is faithful to the story told during the films in the Toy Story franchise, which gives it a fantastic appeal to play, due to its faithfulness to the main narrative. The developers of Toy Story were UK-based Traveller's Tales and Psygnosis Limited.

The style of gameplay in Toy Story for SNES is side scrolling, where you control the cowboy Woody, who is equipped with a pull-string whip with which you can temporarily tie enemies, and thus avoid the obstacles that stand between Woody and the goal to be reached. During the course of the story, we will see most of the main characters that make up the franchise.

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Mini-guide #1

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The story begins with Woody telling all his roommates that today is Andy's birthday and that they need to find out what presents he is going to receive on such a special day. To achieve the goal of finding out if Andy will be receiving new toys on his birthday, Woody will need the help of the lead sergeant of the Army men, who he instructs to set up a recon spot downstairs and in turn Woody offers his help to the sergeant, to which the sergeant assigns the following objectives to be completed:

1) Remove the Lid from the Bucket where the other Army men(Toy soldiers) are located.

2) Obtain the baby walkie-talkie in the room to establish a communications channel with the Sergeant and his team.

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The objectives to be completed in each mission will be described more explicitly on a toy magic board before starting the missions.

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And so we begin our first mission, where we will quickly encounter our first enemy, which is a toy train that will subtract life from us if it touches us.

a) Use Woody's pull-string whip, by pressing the B button, or whatever button you have configured to perform that function, to momentarily tie up the trains so you can pass them without losing any lives.

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As you can see in the image above, I indicate what each item means in the game hud. In a nutshell it goes like this:

  • The sheriff stars indicate the amount of damage you can take, i.e. you start with 5 damage opportunities, when you reach zero you lose a life.

  • The cowboy hats signify the number of lives we have available.

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b) Whenever possible, attack toy planes coming towards you, as they are often a headache and the main reason why we tend to take damage in the early stages of the game.

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c) Always watch out for the toy balls or tennis balls on the ground, as they are very important to be able to jump very high and reach high places that Woody cannot reach by jumping normally.

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After jumping on the toy ball and gaining enough momentum, we reach the location of the Bucket where the Toy soldiers are located and remove the Lid with our pull-string whip, thus releasing the army men.

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d) Keep your eyes open to collect as many stars as you can on each stage.

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e) Watch out for the balloons with the question mark on them, as when they explode they throw three tiny spheres that will hurt you when they touch you.

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Together with Piggy we get the walkie talkie that the sergeant asked us to get, and to put it within reach of the army men we must use Woody's pull-string whip and so the walkie-talkie will fall under the range of the toy soldiers.

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Finally we come to the walkie-talkie that we are going to use to keep in contact with the sergeant and thus concludes the first level.

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Now the Sergeant contacts us to inform us of the successful placement of his reconnaissance post. But just as the Sergeant was informing us about the non-existence of a new toy for Andy, he tells us that a surprise gift has arrived and that everyone should start the retreat and return to their original positions in Andy's bedroom.

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In this level you will have to help Piggy, Rex, and the other toys that are without shelter in Andy's bedroom back to the toy box.

f) I recommend that you first release Piggy, the little robot and Rex without using the booster to launch them into the toy box, in order to store them all in the least amount of attempts and save time.

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Moving forward you will find that the RC vehicle is trapped and cannot move forward due to a blockage caused by a Bucket of toys.

g) To get the RC vehicle to move forward you have to release the wrestler action figure so that he can drag the bucket of toys to the mini crane and get the RC vehicle to move forward.

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The mini crane will lift the toy bucket and the RC vehicle together with the action figure will find shelter under Andy's bed.


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Finally go back to the beginning and use the air pump to propel your companions to the toy box and you will have accomplished all your objectives in this second level, but wait, you will have to go back to Andy's bed first, i.e. you will have to go to the end of the level to finish this mission.

What will Andy's surprise gift contain? We'll find out next time...

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