Shooting fire balls! || Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo(NES) || Retro game.

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-| Hey, what's new my friends. Blessings for all of you. Ok my friends sincerely i'm still struggling with Super Mario 3 but i am getting better at it with each gameplay he he.

Game Blogging.

On this gameplay i'll be getting my first fire flower! But the flower flower effect will not long so much to me, because of a Evil Carnivorous plant on the Ice world :(

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Apart from this i learn the memory game give it to me by Toad. On this memory game you only have two chances for fail. After this, i beat the ascensors level with relativity easy.

I am continuing my road to the final Castle to the level 1 of Super Mario Bros 3.

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-This Game it's been emulated on "Jnes" emulator.

Hope you a very nice day, fellows.

See u soon :)

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