Play 2 Earn Rising Star A Revolutionary Game

Hi all Hive Gaming community members, this is my first post here in this community and also this is first time i am going to share my experience regarding online gaming in writing. My first online game rather first hive game is " Rising Star "

My Perception about Online gaming Before playing Rising Star

I started to play Rising Star game few months before. Before it my full focus was on crypto trading. I used to be a Day Trader. My opinion about online gaming or blockchain gaming was totally negative. I used to think this industry as a scam factory or take as a joke or kids Zone. Mostly games which i see in the market are opponent games,fighting games,shooting games which i believe develop violent trend and create anxiety and depression in players.They make players gaming addictive engaging them most of the time.

Revolutionary Game - Rising Star


But Rising Star game totally changed my perception about online gaming. Rising Star game area of attention is music industry or you can say this is music promoter game. If you are a singer you can introduce yourself here. Game is reflecting the life and growth of professional life of a Singer who starts his/her professional Singing life as an Illegal Busker. As an illegal busker when a player starts the game he has no permanent fans and he earns a very small income by singing


He also faces the fear of Police which chases him for illegal Busking.
Source Rising Star Game

then after performing several illegal busking shows he gets a little fame in his home town where one night he gets a chance to perform in a live show at pub for 10 minutes in Open Mic Night .

Source Rising Star Game

He performs there often and gets a good reception from a few people in the pub! Someone loves his music and offered a support slot! .Actually they had someone drop out but he was given a chance in his replacement .

Source Rising Star Game

Earning from this Midweek Support Slot enables him to get a Busking permit So he has a legal status for Busking.

Source Rising Star Game

Then after getting permit he performs in Midweek shows as a main singer not as replacement.

Source Rising Star Game

After awesome performance in Midweek shows he was called for supporting a famous local band on a Saturday night.Now look at him! I remember when he was scraping by with a bit of illegal busking. Now he has been noticed and is supporting a famous local band on a Saturday night.

Source Rising Star Game

Now he is surrounded by a lot of fans including both drunken and permanent. he has given several performances. WOW! he has reached the top in his home town and have been asked to perform with the resident band on a Saturday night.

Source Rising Star Game

Waaoo! From busker to a Saturday night headline Singer . Today Buskeria, tomorrow the world!

So these are some missions of Rising Star game which I described here shortly. This clearly shows how much Rising Star game is safe for everybody and is creating healthy and positive competition among all players. Everyday players ranking is issued by the game where from everyone can find where he is standing in global Rank.


Player Ranking.

My Investment In Rising Star game

A time was when I was not consent to play any online game and there was no any chance to invest in online gaming by me. But Rising Star game changed me here also. One year back when I was not in Rising Star game then the price of Rising Star game's native token which is Starbits was only 0.00004$. One of my friend was in game at that time. He invited me often to join the game but i Ignored all the time. 3 months back when i joined the game price of Starbits was 0.00012$ and there were total 1200 approximately active players. And today price of Starbit is 0.00022$ which all time high was 0.00032$ and total active players are 1990 approximately today. Means there is growth both in rate of native token and also the total number of active players.
Like every hive game, to go ahead and get more from the game you are required to invest in game. If someone wants to earn ten thousand Starbits daily by doing a small mission then he is required to have one million 10,000,00 Starbits in his hive engine account after reaching at level 50.
One year back the cost of One million Starbits was only 40$ and today their price is 220$ . After getting into game I bought One million Starbits at the cost of 200$ means I lost one year income of Starbits approximately 365,000,00 Starbits and also buying difference of 160$. This is for reference purpose other investments are not disclosed.

How Much I am Busy with the Game?

Rising Star game missions are time based also. Every mission takes a defined time in minutes.These are time durations of different missions in Rising Star game 15,20,35,120,180,200,250 and 300 minutes. Rising Star game calculates time of all players and publish the report on daily basis or you can calculate by yourself also.

I am mostly in Top 10 most busy artists( here players are named artists) of the day.

Imagine, a person who was totally with negative perception of online gaming, is among the top 10 most playing persons.
you can check my this claim from the link


Rising Star Game - RockStar Artists of All Categories September 29

My Participation for my Gaming Community

Three months back when i was not in the game I used to forbid my friends to invest in online gaming and take part in online gaming. Today I have introduced many friends in this industry. Everyone is happy including me. Beside inviting others I am also sharing my knowledge and experience about Rising Star game by publishing posts on round about daily basis. Check out my stats


All posts are relating to Rising Star Game only. Well I can say about myself that

Today I am a Believer of Online/Hive Gaming

Hope you like my experience and share.

Have a nice Hive gaming Time .

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