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Cards are perhaps the most important element of the game, so knowing about their functionality is very important. So let's learn more about what cards are in the Card Shop, how to use them, and what they can do.

The first thing you have to know is that all cards are divided into categories, such as Characters, Equipment, Outfit, Items, Bonuses, Resources, and Vessels. We will describe the cards in the Characters category in the next post, where the characteristics and the story behind the characters will be told. So stay tuned for new posts.


Let's begin with the cards in the Equipment category, which can be installed on the ship and improve its characteristics.


Giant Magnet — Tier 2

There are lots of metal objects hidden in the ocean which are quite difficult to catch without the necessary equipment. Therefore, a giant magnet is needed for more efficient mining of metal objects.

Chopper — Tier 2

If you don’t know what to do with all the garbage that you have mined, the chopper is what you need. It will recycle the garbage and wastes into useful shredded resources, like soil. You’ll need to install the shredder on the player’s territory, not on your vessel!

Watermaker — Tier 2

The water desalinator converts salt water into freshwater. Freshwater will be needed for watering plants on the farm. It will also save shrimp when traveling.

Sonar — Tier 2

It is not always possible to guess where the valuable loot is, but with Sonar it will be possible to see more. It will highlight the places where there is more loot.


Washing unit — Tier 1 of washing items.

All objects that have been mined from the depths of the ocean are contaminated with dirt and must be cleaned. The washing unit allows you to wash several subjects at the same time.

Karcher — Tier 2 of washing items.

Serves for more powerful cleaning. Allows washing ALL the loot from dirt at once.

Anemometer — Tier 1

The anemometer measures the wind speed and directions and helps to chooses a better course for your destinations. Using it, your travel time will be reduced.

Autominer — Tier 3

Mining with Autominer will become much faster. It will automatically throw the hook until all of your inventory slots are full of dirt.


Battery — Tier 1

Electricity will be provided in the city very soon. All equipment that needs power must be charged, so the battery will power them.

Drill — Tier 2

When using a drill, mining will take a little more time, but thanks to it you can catch more items than before because the Drill breaks a hole, where more treasures are buried.


Binoculars — Tier 2 of observation (equipment)

The ocean is full of raiders and they can attack your ship at any moment. To detect them in advance, you will need Binoculars. The Binoculars inspection radius is valid only at mining locations.

Spyglass — Tier 3 of observation.

Thanks to the Spyglass, you can see the raiders in the ocean and avoid them beforehand. Works also on travel screens.

Audio unit — Tier 2

The radio allows you to listen to music while traveling and it will reduce travel time because the journey becomes not so boring.


Scales — Tier 2 of stack increase.

Allows you to increase the stack of medium-sized items in the inventory.

Cargo weighting —Tier 3 of stack increase.

The inventory has its limits on the amount of loot that can be stacked, but thanks to the Cargo Scales the stack of large items increases and you can put even more cargo in a single inventory slot.

Alarm system — Tier 2

The ocean is full of raiders and robbers, so there is a risk that the ship may be robbed or even stolen. If you install an alarm system on the vessel you can feel secure about the safety of your findings.

Mesh strainer — Tier 1

Sometimes it happens that the hook can grab a lot of empty dirt without items. The mash strainer reduces the catch of empty dirt.


Hot-air drier — Tier 2

Some items will need to be dried for storing, such as fish or other food.

Fishing net — Tier 1

Quite a useful item for fishing. The net gives an ability to catch more fish in ocean waters.

Big hook — Tier 2

The bigger the hook, the more loot you can catch. A big hook increases the number of loot mined and the chance to capture larger objects.

Harpoon — Tier 3

For better hunting on creatures in the ocean depths, you will need a strong harpoon, which will increase the chances of catching big fish. Harpoon can also serve as a weapon in battles with raiders or with other players on Arena.


Solar panel — Tier 2

Electrical equipment requires a battery, which uses fuel. The solar panel is an alternative way to charge the Battery and save fuel.

Anchor — Tier 1

The anchor allows you to throw the hook in the same place for a second time and gives a chance to catch more loot if you have found the right spot.

Marine compass — Tier 3

The world of Ocean Planet is very large. In order to get areas outside the territory near Glory Waters, you must have a Marine Compass to navigate in the far ocean.

Petrol can — Tier 1

In case the ship runs out of fuel and there are no refueling points nearby, there will be enough fuel in the Canister just on the way to return home safely.


Walkie-Talkie — Tier 2 of communication (equipment)

With a walkie-talkie, you can communicate with the inhabitants of the Glory Waters. The Walkie-Talkie connection is valid only in the city. You will need a Radio Station to communicate outside the city.

Radio station — Tier 3 of communication.

If you have a radio station, you will be able to communicate with other players and residents of the city from anywhere outside the city: on travel screens and mining locations.

Super rope — Tier 3

At the bottom of the ocean objects of different weights and sizes are hidden. Super rope will help you to mine more heavy and large objects to the surface.


The outfit is a type of card that will help your character in adventures, battles, and quests.


Crowbar — Tier 1 of opening lootboxes.

To open lootboxes without Max's help, you need to have some tools. With a Crowbar, it is possible to open wooden lootboxes.

Hammer and chisel — Tier 2 of opening lootboxes.

In addition to wooden lootboxes, there are also containers, which are more difficult to open. To open them you will need more powerful tools such as Hammer and Chisel.

Circular saw — Tier 3 of opening lootboxes.

Military lootboxes are the firmest ones in which various treasures are stored safely. A Circular saw is the only tool that will open them.


Pocket knife — Tier 1 of tools.

The pocket knife will come in handy for minor ship repairs and as a primitive weapon against enemies.

Multitool — Tier 2 of tools.

A multifunctional item that will be needed when repairing minor damage to your vessel

First aid kit — Tier 1

Mining and traveling is quite a dangerous thing to do, so the First Aid Kit is a very important item to improve HP and continue your journey. When fighting raiders, you need to monitor your health, because if you lose, all your loot will be stolen.

Swimmer set — Tier 1

Fish hunting is one of the main ways to catch different species of fish and ocean creatures. Thanks to the Swimmer set you can catch more fish and loot in shallows.

Life jacket — Tier 1

Safety on the ship is very important. Life jackets will guarantee less loss of HP. It serves as armor and increases protection in battles with raiders. Also necessary for all characters who can't swim.


Magnifying glass — Tier 1

A useful item to study loot. In addition, a magnifying glass can serve as a tool with which fire can be produced when necessary.

Zippo lighter — Tier 3

Thanks to the incredibly cool Zippo Lighter your Charisma will significantly increase. In addition, it can give you fire.


Bonuses are special sets that have everything you need for a successful journey and living in a new world.


Gardener’s pack — Tier 2

To become a professional gardener and be able to grow plants of any kind, know how to take care of them, harvest them, you will need the necessary materials and tools. This set includes a variety of seeds and useful resources such as pure soil, sand, and freshwater for irrigation. To improve growth and fertility, the pack includes the necessary fertilizers. The pack also includes a gardening manual — "Cultivated plants".

Money mega bonus — Tier 1

For a quick start in the city of the New World, some money is quite a good bonus. With money, you can buy many items that will come in handy in your adventures. This bonus will make your life much easier in the early game.

Provisioner’s pack — Tier 2

It is quite difficult to live without food both in the city and in the open ocean. You can buy a Provisioner’s pack where you will have a full set of food that will help you increase your HP and shrimp supply.

Chef’s set — Tier 2

In the New World cooking is mandatory to survive so you’ll need all the necessary tools. The Chef’s pack includes cooking implements and a guide with recipes and instructions for cooks — "Butcher knows" with a unique autograph of the author of the book.

Fisherman’s set — Tier 2

Professional fishing will require an appropriate set of items and tools. With this set, you will no longer need to catch fish with your bare hands, because you will have professional spinning, fish bait, and other special equipment. The Fisherman's set also includes “Study the fish”.

Citizen's pack (license, pass, and citizenship) — Tier 3

Access to some mining locations requires a License or a Pass. Citizenship is required to be able to have all the privileges of a Glory Water citizen. Citizen's pack includes all these necessary documents for a rightful life in the world of "OceanPlanet".


Times have changed and so has the value of some resources for life.


Pure soil — Tier 1

Gardening requires clean and high-quality soil, which is quite difficult to get while living in the open ocean.

Suitcase with seeds — Tier 2

Variety of seeds for gardening at the city Farm or at home micro Farm.


In the Store, you can buy various useful items that will improve your journey.


Painting — Tier 3

Art is valued even in the new world, people around you will treat you differently if you have the painting with you. This work of art will enhance some of your characteristics, such as Charisma and Luck.

Chest — Tier 1

Sometimes inventory is filled with loot and space for new treasures runs out. The chest serves as a place to store your belongings.


Manuals, books, magazines

The store includes some cards with manuals on various topics that increase specific skills. The following books are available to purchase: “Study the Fish” (this book will help you identify fish species by yourself), “Butcher Knows" (a set of all the necessary recipes for cooking), “Best Prices” (a magazine with information about the city market — prices, goods, and sellers ), “Survive” (all the secrets of surviving in the new world), “Cultivated plants” (all details a professional grower needs to know).


Like every citizen of the Glory Waters, you must have all the necessary documents to have all the legal privileges. Each document has its own use. Citizenship gives the right to enter the city for free; the License provides access for mining on Oilwell; the Pass provides access for mining on the Highway; Broker's license gives the right to withdraw money from the game.


There is a special category of cards that refers to additional vessels — Blueprint, having this card you will be able to have an additional ship in your park.


Now you know more about all available cards and their behavior. We remind you that you can sell your cards on the Market to other players.

Follow the news and updates to learn more about the world of “OceanPlanet”!

Sincerely, OP Team! 🌊💙

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