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"Ocean Planet: 5 New Locations descriptions!"

Ocean Planet: 5 New Locations descriptions!

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Greetings, dear players!

In update 1.4.0, we added 5 new locations: Temple, Junkyard, Hotel, Armory, and Barbershop. We have promised to reveal some features in this post, so here we are. Let's take a closer look at the history of these locations, the features they provide, and discover what secrets they hide.



In the world of OceanPlanet, especially in the Free Waters, there is a cult of the Sacrosanct the Holy Shrimp, because shrimp farming has become the main source of food in the new world. That is why the Temple is a place of worship for this God. Like any temple, it needs followers and you can help with it. For each invitation in the game by your referral link, you will get bonuses. The more you have invited followers - the higher is the bonus.

And what is a Temple without a statue of God? There is a majestic statue of the Holy Shrimp in the Temple. The statue loves donations and gives a nice bonus reward in return. The power of the Holy Shrimp statue works on diesel and gives people light and electricity in the Free Waters. Unfortunately, fuel resources are running low, as the petrol pipe leading to the Free Waters is occupied by raiders. But the people of the Free Waters do not lose hope to return control over the petrol pipe.

Next to the Temple a mango tree grows, the roots have sprouted deep in the ice of the Free Waters in a mystic way. What secrets are hidden behind the history of the magic mango tree? How does it grow in ice? Can Gods overhear people’s thoughts sitting under the tree? Perhaps only the Holy Shrimp knows the answers to these questions. Or maybe not only him? Time will tell.



Have you ever wondered: "Where does the garbage go in the Free Waters?" Maybe someone is collecting it, like people in pre-apocalyptic times did with stamps or coins? You can find the answer to this question in the Junkyard. A Junkyard is a unique museum of the most bizarre kinds of garbage and junk. Moreover, it is a comfortable place for living for local manager’s Dollar hand rats. Rats collect garbage from all around the Free Waters and bring their findings to the Junkyard.

Ecology is one of the most important aspects in the world of “OceanPlanet” and that’s why all collected garbage needs to be recycled. You can assist saving the environment by giving all your garbage for recycling. Of course, for a good deed, you will get money and points to your karma. You’ll find out more about the karma system in the further updates. Garbage can also be recycled into useful resources, such as soil or petrol.



The Hotel is a place where you can get a room, drink a mug of beer, or play video mini-games. You can book a comfortable room, where you can have rest before the new adventures and expeditions. If you don’t have enough room in your own house, you can settle characters in the rented hotel room. We bet the bar caught your eye when you first visited the Hotel.

The bar is a special place. Why? Because it’s a collaboration with the "Cryptobrewmaster" game, where you can buy beer, which is brewed in players’s breweries. There are several types of beer that you can purchase for a certain price or win a discount coupon in mini-games. Beer can boost your character’s stats.



Weapons and artifacts are key parts of adventures and expeditions. The ocean is full of dangers, fights and conflicts, so weapons will help you deal with them. That’s the reason why the Armory was built. The heat of lava helps Max to create different kinds of weaponry. Over the anvil, Max’s strong hands would craft various details and have the strength to unpack any lootboxes. By the way, Spike has already moved from the Market to the Armory.



The Barbershop is a place of creativity and changing your appearance. In the Barbershop you can let your imagination run wild and customize your character as you wish: choose different outfits, add equipment, or even make a tattoo. It is possible to purchase a variety of clothes that can be worn as a complete set or you can also combine different elements and create your own unique style. There are several categories of items: Hairstyles, Tattoos, Clothes, Jewelry, and Decorative Equipment. There are also special sets with each own style and mood - the Sea Wolf, an Octopus, the Poseidon, a Clown Fish, and the Captain Flont.

You will learn about other locations in the future posts.

Sincerely, OP Team! 🌊💙

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