Nuketown- Contractors VR 110 kills


I'm back!

Tonight was a decent night for gaming. The lobbies were absent of bickering teenagers, though earlier today was a different story. G_R_I_E_F is pretty well known for dominating lobbies and cyber bullying and the drama of this afternoon did not disappoint. I thought about streaming it but it was funnier to just let it play out. Tonight, however, was different. I was about 10 minutes into a domination match when my friend Ben pointed out that I was up by 25 kills and I realized that I was nearing 100 kills and hit the record button. My previous best was 64 and lately I've been averaging 30ish. Normally I'm drinking and playing but today I began my gaming session completely sober. I have no idea what my K/D is anymore since a few updates ago they forgot to preserve the data and it reset the kill count but kept the deaths and messed up everything else. Right before the failed update I was a respectable 1.2, though when sober I was a solid 1.9-2.3. So as is I have a .45 and headshot ratio of 204%

VR is a different beast, and when real life weapon handling skills come into play, muscle memory is king.

This video is the final minutes of that match. I didn't do it completely alone, it was partly a team effort since we purposely delayed the capture and kept the match close so I could break 100 and continue the slaughter.

Video grabado con mi Meta Quest 2 // Video recorded on my Meta Quest 2


Mira cómo mato a estos perros. Si juegas a este juego búscame. Casi siempre estoy en partidos de Groundwar con latinos y hispanohablantes. Tenemos espacio para todos!

Usario: comebola (Meta Oculus)

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