Crypto Shots - First Impressions and Gameplay Review


Hello Play2Earn Gamers,

Being a huge 3D shooter gamer fan, when I first saw the videos of this game at the beginning of the year, I was very excited about its potential. I have spent many a night playing 3D shooters and am looking forward to how this one will develop.


The great thing is that you will be able to buy all your different accessories as NFTs and you will own them on the blockchain unlike when you buy the costumes on Fortnite or elsewhere. I have checked the online market and you can already buy and trade them with other players on the marketplace. I am a total addict for buying outfits, dances, and music on Fortnite, this is why I think Crypto Shots could be big and there is a huge potential market for it in this genre.



There is a range of different NFTs that you can customise, such as your weapons and various powerups. There is also a range of skins that you can buy too, which I guess work as your avatar. So far I didn't actually see myself in the game, so that would be good to see your skin at some point.


In the game, there are 3 levels based on difficulty. The gameplay is very easy and is looking like your typical doom-style shooter in the corridors. It flows really well without any lag and there were a few robotic bad guys to take out.

To get a feel for it, take a look at my gameplay video;

My feeling after playing it was.. I WANT MORE!!

Once I had got my bearings and used to the map, weapons, and bad guys, I wanted to play further. I was after a while, flying around the game looking to take out the bad guys with no problem.


Here you can see that I am picking up a new weapon. I am a bit loose with my ammo and so far in the game, you should be careful not to waste your shots. The great thing about the game is that it runs in your browser and can be played easily on many devices.


I am looking forward to seeing how you might be able to blend new weapons and powerups in the future. There should also be different ways to earn with the game, including staking and killing the bad guys.

So far I am impressed with what I have seen and am looking forward to playing this and earning some $BOOM (or more likely it is $DOOM on hive) tokens. You can read more about the tokenomics in the whitepaper here.

Things are moving pretty fast with the development it seems and there is a MARS airdrop planned this month as well as new game packs. I would recommend following the official account on twitter to stay up to date.

The game is currently open to everyone and you can play and try the game yourself here

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Thanks for reading.

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Title image created by myself in canva using image source
Screenshots are taken from the game website as indicated source.
The linked video was created by myself playing the game. Copyright Free music from source


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