Waiting for Death Soldier | WWH New Features in Patch 1.29ᵗʰ


Previously, in Hive Gaming Community Contest #5 - My First Online Game, I submitted an entry, which according to the committee could not be included because the number of words in the post was too many. However, the post I sent was still curated at that time. This post contains the story of my first experience in playing an online game (android), which is a First Person Shooter (FPS) genre game, called World War Heroes (WWH). As a brief description, for those who don't know, WWH is a world war II themed game (Allied Block versus Axis Block/fascism), where each player can choose a specialization in the form of: assaulter; scouts; sniper; machine gunner; and medic. Each specialization has an impact on the advantages and proportions of the attack power of the weapon to be used, although many players also choose specializations and weapons that do not match each other. The main battle tools provided consist of six categories of weapons which are divided into several types.


Both weapons and specialties, can be increased in strength and ability through the exchange of credits and gold, which can be purchased at any time if you wish. Players can also choose a game mode, between team deathmatch, deathmatch, capture point, capture flag, defend base, and custom. One more thing, players can choose the clan that suits them, because by carrying the clan label that is at level 10, players are given an increase in ability and strength. In addition, playing with a team from a clan will increase your income. The highest level is 50, which can take up to months to reach.... I joined the official discord server by the game developer, and since its global release on November 22, 2017, the game has continued to evolve, with its 1.29ᵗʰ update soon. In the update, the developer gave some new touches which I think is pretty cool. Here's an explanation from the developer that was distributed on the official discord server, as follows—For information, all illustrations in this post are also taken from the same discord server.


New game features:

  • Aim assist reworked: improved tracking and switching between targets, reduced aim assist strength depending on the distance to the target. Note: these changes will require a little more skill from players in battle. The aim assist is disabled by default, you can enable it in the game settings;
  • Battle reconnection system was added: now when your connection is lost or you leave a game, you can reconnect to the same battle;
  • Player reports added: now you can report other players so our team can take the appropriate actions against them;
  • Removed aim assist and auto shooting for all special weapons;
  • In-battle notifications redesigned;
  • Tutorial mode and its UI reworked;
  • Notifications added to new items: new available items are now shown in the interface with a special symbol;
  • Roulette added: try your luck and get unique items; the set of items available in the roulette will be changed weekly;
  • Reworked UI for DM and TDM modes;
  • Additional battle progress notifications;
  • Battle interface was upgraded with a new mini-profile feature. You can look through the other players' mini profile after the battle is over and send them friend requests and clan invitations or report them if they break the fair play rules;
  • A special voice button was added to the characters preview menu allowing to listen to the characters’ lines;
  • Reworked UI of the Pause menu; now you can see the active contracts when you put the game on pause;
  • Game interface was fully optimized for tablets;
  • You can now switch between all available weapon skins or remove them all and return to the basic look.

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple improvements and optimizations were applied to the in-combat gameplay;
  • Fixed a bug when HQ disappeared in HQ Defense mode.

New content:

  • New Bastogne map;
  • New Halloween-themed decorations for your lobby;
  • New weapons: Owen Gun submachine gun, Double-Barreled Sawed-Off Shotgun, Springfield M1903 rifle (available later), a unique Bone Club melee weapon to tear apart enemies, and the new S-mine 35 mine (for Sniper class only);
  • First unique weapon skins (available in the roulette);
  • New characters skins: German machine gunner, Forgotten soldier;
  • New headgear and masks;
  • New blood effects when hitting the enemy;
  • Remastered weapon: Winchester 1895, MP44, Lewis Mk1;


  • Remastered vehicles: Sherman M4A1, Chi-ri.

Player will receive Halloween chests for winning battles from October 22 till November 08.


Camouflages for the weapons already present in the game, MG-34 and Remington 8.

Changes in-game balance:

  • Anti-tank mod24 grenade now deals more damage to the players;
  • Daily tasks balance reworked; the third daily task was added;
  • Level cap increased to 60, level rewards increased, high leveled players will be compensated for missed rewards;
  • Battle Pass now has 40 stages, and stage rewards were increased;
  • Daily rewards increased; now we offer two lines of rewards: for beginners and veterans (who spent more than 30 days in the game);
  • Reworked the contents of all chests in the shop–new weapons and armor in every chest;
  • Added a chest with characters’ skins and headdresses;
  • Added a chest allowing to exchange credits for gold (works with a timer);
  • Certain characters skins and headdresses that were previously available for gold were removed from the shop, and a few more are now available for credits only;
  • Mod 24 grenade and Medium Medkit can now be purchased for credits;
  • Players spawn points on the Luzon map were moved closer to the map center, so you could get to the fight faster;
  • Price of gadgets, skins, and badges was changed for the weapons below level 15.

Event activities:

Halloween (roulette, victory chests, special offers): 10.22–11.08.

Rise from the grave:

And, the last one is the appearance of zombie who will soon spread terror in this game. Many people know about the horrors that took place inside the walls of Nazi concentration camps, but very few of them realize how much hatred and anger is stored in these places. The man, whose name is lost among countless victims, was one of the few "lucky ones" who retained the remnants of his mind after inhuman experiments in a cold, dirty basement, which was called the Laboratory. With his last breath, he vowed not to forgive. The restless soldier came back from the dead with only one purpose—to take revenge. Nothing can stop him. He sneaks silently and kills his victims as savagely as he was killed. Fear him, hide, cry, but he will come for you. And the last thing you will see is the dead, frightening eyes of death itself.


Changed the rewards for the levels, where the player will receive unique WWH Veteran chests as a reward for already completed ones. The number of chests you get depends on your account level:

Level 20: 5 chests
From 21 to 25: 10 chests
From 26 to 30: 15 chests
From 31 to 35: 20 chests
From 36 to 40: 30 chests
From 41 to 45: 40 chests
From 46 to 50: 50 chests.

Player will find gold, as well as weapon and armor improvement points in the chests.


WWH Profile
ID Mosin-Nagant/AS 29642218
Level 40
Eficiency Kills 14138/Win 645
Games Played 1762
Fav. Weapon BAR (Relative)
Clan IMD

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