Splinterlands: Just 200,000 More Chaos Legion Packs Left

The End Is Near.....

Chaos Legion Packs will soon be out of print and no longer sold by the official Splinterlands company. As of 03/06/2023 just 217,100 Booster Packs remain for sale on the Splinterlands site. Everyone in the Splinterlands community has their eyes glued on the remaining Chaos Legion pack count. The reason; The Splinterlands team introduced a race for extra rewards. Top 10 purchasers of the last One Million Chaos Legion Packs will be given added prizes. The leaderboard standings can be found by visiting the shop section on the official Splinterlands site.

Chaos Legion Set Lore

The Chaos War has begun. The heart of Praetoria has been ripped open. The horrors of the Other Side spill forth to consume and conquer. Who will stand against the oncoming horde of the CHAOS LEGION?

Chaos Unleashed

The CHAOS LEGION card set is the third major card expansion to be introduced into the Splinterlands game. With over 100 new cards bursting with eye-popping artwork and strategy-changing abilities, it represents Splinterlands largest and most ambitious release to date!

***Lore taken from official Splinterlands site.

Current Top Ten

The Prizes

First100 Plots
Second50 Plots
Third25 Plots
FourthSeven Runi
FifthSix Runi
SixthFive Runi
SeventhFour Runi
EighthThree Runi
NinthTwo Runi
TenthOne Runi

As you can see the prizes offered are not of small value. Plots for example are currently selling for around $140 USD. That is a current added value of $14,000 USD for the lucky person(s) who manage to score the First Place position in the End Of Sale Leaderboard. At this very moment the purchaser in first position purchased 8,400 Chaos Legion Packs. That is 2,430 more than the purchaser that currently occupies the second position. A purchase of just 880 Chaos Legion Packs occupies the tenth place. Its very likely those who put together a group buy or whales have held out on their purchases until the very last minute. The Splinterlands community (while very friendly) can be very competitive as is the nature of the game. If one is aiming for a top spot on the End Of Season Leaderboard; the best chance at completing that goal would be to hold off until the very last minute to make one's purchase. If not you might find yourself being out purchased by one pack.

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