Splinterlands - Stone Splitter Orc (Weekly Post)


Not a card I use often and when I do it is for specific reasons. Like use it for rule set such as Melee Mania. I believe there are better tanker cards such as Flesh Golem or Unicorn, but since this week's battle post is focused on Stonsplitter this is the card I choose to play with in certain battles.

Battle Using Stonesplitter Orc

The battle to follow is one where I sort of force Stonesplitter Orc into the lineup. Once I saw my opponent's cards I knew odds were in my favor to win. This is because most of my opponent's monsters were level 1, while I had level 3 and above.


The match was a 38 mana and had one of the newer rule set, Noxious Fumes. My formation starts off with Lord A. followed up by Stonesplitter, Flesh Golem, Spirit of the Forest, Earth Elemental and finish with Wooden Nymph. Main theme going for me was multiple monsters had healing. On my opponent's side they used Kraken, Prismatic Energy, Kelp Initiate, Tortisian Chief,
Ruler of the Sea, and ending with Phantom of the Abyss. They focused mostly on magic attack monsters which water splinter has one of the best setups for. In the long run my healing would prevail.

Round 1

At the end of this round all monsters stayed on the battlefield. However my tanker in Lord A. was down to a health of 2. I was likely to lose a monster first in the next round.

Round 2

Sure enough if the poison did not kill my monster it would come down with several consecutive attacks. By middle of the round I had lost both my Lord A. and Stonesplitter. Talk about showing the use of my Stonesplitter. Practically a dummy bag for attackers. By the end of the round all my opponent's monsters remain while I was down to four.


Round 3

What really help turn the tide for me was the rule set and poison basically took out my opponent's Ruler of the Sea and Phantom of the Abyss. If they had just one healing monster things may have been a lot different. By the end of the round my opponent also lost their Kraken and Prismatic Energy. While I had all my 4 monsters.

Round 4

By the end of the round my opponent's Kelp was only remaining monster to kill before I was victories and sure enough it was a hit from my Spirit of the Forest the seal the victory.


I could not show off or do much with Stonesplitter Orc and it showed in the battle. Clearly it was my tank healers and heal monsters that provided me the support to get the win. In addition due to my monsters being at higher levels it help outlast my opponent as each monster had to deal with poison.

If you are interesting in watching the battle here is a link.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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