OUTRIDERS - In The Twenties

OUTRIDERS Gear & Boss Reviews

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_20_2021 11_53_32 PM.png

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Welcome back to another Outriders follow up. I have been progressing nicely (at least I think so) through the game and have made it to the late twenties in level. I will discuss some of the gear I've gotten and some of the foes I have felled. The game has been pretty fun and I find myself looking forward to play. I'm especially excited to make it to end game and play the expeditions, and with friends. Haha.


I will try not to spoil too much but wanted to show the fantastic art that the devs created. The bosses have been a great challenge, and if they aren't you just level your world tier up. I'm currently playing at world tier 7 (solo). The bosses have different abilities and mechanics that you will need to adapt to to defeat them. Just a heads up, I wont be putting their names in as I have forgotten them, haha.

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_19_2021 7_16_59 PM.png

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This guy I thought was pretty cool. He is a hunting quest boss. These quests are side quests and you bring back the head as a trophy for a fantastic prize in the form of gear. This boss is an evolution of the earlier animals seen at the start of the game. If you read my first post, they are the four legged beasts I pointed out. The fight was relatively easy. One thing about most of the boss fights is the adds (little guys they summon) are a double edge sword. They help to allow you to heal up, but they hurt too.

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_19_2021 11_10_55 PM.png

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I wanted to show this guys because of his size. This is a giant worm you have to kill. He's the biggest boss I have fought yet. This fight was not terribly difficult, I did however die a few times. One of the things he summons are these flying insects. I despise these damn things. They are annoying and hard to kill sometimes. As far as the boss abilities, it wasn't anything too crazy. He has a spray, a smash, and a swipe, all of which are pretty easy to avoid if you watch for the red indicator. He is very tanky though as far as health is concerned. It was a long fight.

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_20_2021 10_43_23 AM.png

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This guy is a relative of the first boss and another hunting trophy. He has been mutated by the forest though so he has some differences than the first. I really liked his artwork which is why I wanted to show it off. Another "mini" boss that wasn't too difficult to kill.

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_20_2021 7_03_58 PM.png

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There are several "Wanted" side quests available as well. These are requests of execution of different faction baddies. They are "mini" bosses with minor anomaly powers, but nothing that matches up to your own or the true altered. Nevertheless, they are sometimes a pain in the ass. Many of them run right up to you and since you cant just outright kill them, you tend to have to run a lot (at least for my class). I generally will move around the map trying to heal through damage as I reduce the number of adds before trying to focus on the boss. Slow bullet effects are great for these kind of dickheads.

"Well, ya. But what about your gear?"

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_19_2021 7_10_08 PM.png

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Lets go over the evolution of my gear since the last post. Above is my gear at level 19. It's definitely cooler than the starting gear. As you'll see here shortly, that it gets pretty cool. I love when devs make scaling aesthetically pleasing gear. It makes you feel like your character is that much more of a badass. I may like it better than the stats themselves, lol.

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_19_2021 11_30_49 PM.png

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I finally got my first legendary! It was a bad ass rifle that did a shit ton of damage. I was melting the enemy with this. Unfortunately, it has a mag size of 40 so I would run out of ammo quickly. I learned to save those shots for the meaner bad guys. You can also see I went from mostly blues, to having a legendary and about half purples.

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_20_2021 6_45_01 PM.png

Screenshot By Me

By level 22 I was practically full purples with a new legendary! I had grown out the legendary rifle (because I didn't want to spend the resources to level it up anywmore). i love the aesthetics of this LMG! It took me a bit to understand its true power as it felt weak compared to the rifle. This rifle causes an enemy to drop an orb when killed with it, which you can then shoot to cause an explosion. Once I figured out how to better employ this weapon, I started wrecking hordes. It's great for the "little" baddies that group up.

Outriders (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)   4_21_2021 1_26_33 AM.png

Screenshot By Me

Above is my current loadout as of my last logout. I finally outgrew the Legendary LMG and unfortunately haven't found a replacement. I am storing the Legendaries in my storage box in game. Which I'm glad I did as I read you should be able to level your favorite ones up all the way to end game. I guess I'll find out. I am however in full purples still which is nice. I basically dont even look at blues anymore. I like some of the head pieces that the devs have come up with design wise. They are pretty bad ass.

All in all I'm having a blast with this game and am glad @derangedvisions talked me into getting it. Hopefully by next post I'll be level 30 and starting to run some expeditions!

Thank you for reading 😁