Splinterlands Weekly Challenge | The strongest fire tank "Cerberus"


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A new week, a new challenge to meet for @splinterlands...

One more week to create life and participate in the weekly challenges created by @carrieallen, choosing monsters or skills for each new activity must not be a simple task, no doubt it takes great creativity to postulate a good candidate in each week of challenges, in the last challenge, I could not participate for personal situations, however, I'm back and also encouraged to be able to create content for @splinterlands again. I have seen the monster to use and it is very good, it is one of my favorites is an excellent tank when it comes to battle, the higher your level, the better it performs in battle.

The cerberus is a card from the fire tokens, it is available in the Alpha and Beta editions. It is a fundamental card for the fire splinter, since it can be implemented effectively in most of the battle rules, an excellent tank thanks to its abilities.

Let's talk about the "Cerberus" in more detail


As I said before this is a card from the Alpha and beta edition, it has a quite peculiar set of skills and combining it with cards that increase speed, melee attack or increase life points it becomes a magnificent Tank, however, if it is hit in a continuous or forceful way it does not have great hope of survival, while this is not attacked, as the cerberus can withstand small attacks while it regenerates, at its highest levels its mortality is multiplied by 10, strong attack, regeneration, can return the blows to the enemy has great speed, this is the John Wick of SPT.

Overall, it is a good card that is able to fight and give its best at higher levels, so of course I would recommend having this card in your decks.

Malric.pngZintar.pngSpirit of the Forest.pngManticore.pngFeral Spirit.pngCrustacean King.pngLord Arianthus.png

Time for Battle


A battle where I consider that I had a great advantage, both in quality and quantity despite the fact that there was some pairing with the level of the cards. My opponent had very good cards, very good strategy, but the skill favored me a little, as I focused all the attention on attacking and weakening his attack and armor. Great battle by my opponent, I would like to give him some credit, thanks to the ability of my fire summoner for increasing the melee attack of my monsters. However, to further harness the power of some of my cards, I devised a strategy where I could combine speed, firepower and stamina all in the same game.


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Rules of my battle



  • Mana: 24
  • Standard: This rule is the most basic and simple of all the game, where simply, any skill, both summoners and monsters, is valid.
Malric.pngZintar.pngSpirit of the Forest.pngManticore.pngFeral Spirit.pngCrustacean King.pngLord Arianthus.png

My Team


image.pngMalric Inferno
It was really helpful to be able to fight with my best fire splinter cards even though the summoner is not at his highest level, I basically waited for my chance to use "malric", a fundamental element to be victorious.
In my battle strategy I was confident, with a neutral rule, I could not exclude my "cerberus" as a tank and his innate ability to fight in the front row, showing what he is capable of with his level 1 was enough to resist all enemy attacks and with great level of resistance. of course, my "cerberus" fulfilled his task, extremely resistant and effective on the battlefield, great combination of skills with the summoner and the cards in the field.
image.pngFineas Rage
Agile assassin, cold and always on the lookout for the monster of the first position may be a little insignificant at low levels, but believe me this friend is a killing machine, he did his job perfectly and is a beast worthy of admiration, this outlaw who lashes with his whip from the second position, can be called as a backup tank, has great speed and prestige, so it is positioned in the field in most of the battles with this splinter.
image.pngKobold Miner
Another pillar of war that in company of Malric. can cause great devastations, alone we are devile united, we cause devastations in the formation of any opponent.
image.pngSerpentine Spy
Another of the melee attack cards used in this battle, and the honorary monster for this occasion, in the company of the summoner and the other positioned cards it is practically impossible to obtain a defeat.
image.pngFire Beetle
Part of the last line of attack and advantageous its Snipe ability, the goal is that it could overthrow the attackers with low life points
image.pngHalfling Alchemists
Last but not least we have our great alchemist in charge of weakening all defense and shield by the enemy being this a great combination jointly to cerberus because if the attack on the tank is debil this can regenerate without problem1

Malric.pngZintar.pngSpirit of the Forest.pngManticore.pngFeral Spirit.pngCrustacean King.pngLord Arianthus.png

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


My strategy worked, personally I think that the higher the level of the cards the higher the efficiency of the team, my plan B was saved with fineas rage in the second position, I was sure that it would stay on the field for a long time, but my goal with it was to at least beat the tank of my opponent who had very good skills and literally defeated himself, because he received all the melee attacks directly ... I made it without much trouble. Now for a next time, I must evaluate the rules and determine in which set of these it would be better to use this card, to take advantage of 100% of its capabilities in the future and leave it for specific strategies.

Do you use Horny Toad often? Why or why not?


The truth is that I use it in every battle of the fire splinters, it adapts to most of the rules of the games it is a very complete monster, although just by seeing its stats I could get an idea, so I know it is a very strong tank type at high levels, I have to analyze it better, but in short it is a great card and I really liked using it in this challenge, I have a lot of fun doing it, because besides what I have fun playing it, I can learn more of the game and think of new strategies that allow me to win many more battles.


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