We Bought Two Nintendo Switches!

Left is Hers. Right is His


The couple that games together stays together

Greetings fellow gamers. My wife, @articgypsy, and I have recently purchased 2 Nintendo Switch consoles to get back into some local multiplayer gaming. Yeah, that's right. 2 consoles to play locally. We're adults! And we can afford not to share!

We picked up the two switches about 2 months ago to play Pokemon Sword and Shield, because we're those kind of nerds. Both of us put about 60 hours into the game and got our pokedex to about 50-60% completion and decided that we'd had our fill. We also bought Overcooked to play on her switch since that one can be paired to the television for couch co-op. That is a really fun game, but it sure brings out the Gordon Ramsey in all of us. Screaming matches will ensue. But if you're like us the only time you yell at eachother is when someone puts a tomato in the onion soup for the third time. So we decided to pick up a few more games because I can't quite resist putting tomatos in the onion soup...

Our Physical Collection

So far our physical collection consists of 6 games and two of which are the same one! For gaming together we have #Animal #Crossing. My wife is supremely addicted to this game, too bad we were a year late for all the turnip sales and stuff. It would have been awesome to get into the game at the peak of the pandemic. I also purchased a copy of Super Smash Bros in the hopes of getting my wife into it, but alas, she has absolutely no interest beyond rooting for the AI to kick my ass. 😒

And to the right, you can see our small collection of Mario games, with my pride and joy being a physical copy of #Super #Mario 3D #All-Stars. I picked it up used on the local Facebook Buy and Sell. I did not expect to see this game up in frosty #Nunavut, thinking my chances of getting it physical would be limited to E-Bay or used game stores down south. I really wanted to play Super Mario Sunshine again, so I was EXTREMELY happy to get this #Switch game

3D Printed Switch Gadgets

I also #3D-Printed a few accessories for our switch games. One, being a small cartridge holder to show off our collection. (I hate video game cases) and the other 2 are #Eevie and #Pikachu "docks" for desktop play which include a hole to attach the AC adapter to your switch or for plugging in an external controller like my #SN30 #8bitdo. The kickstand on the regular switch is a notorious underperformer, only holding the switch stable on the flattest and steadiest of surfaces. And the Switch Lite doesn't have a kickstand at all, so a Switch holder is a pretty great accessory to print in order to complement your system.

Gadgets in use. Note the cable running underneath the Eeviee console holder.

Stay tuned for more Nintendo Switch-related game blogs, as my downloaded library is shockingly large when you consider the state of my internet speeds!


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