TIME MAGE - Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

Hello everyone, I had an amazing battle with my TIME MAGE and would like to share it with you as this week's SPLINTERLANDS WEEKLY BATTLE CHALLENGE post. I hope you guys enjoy it.

First, we have to know the story of TIME MAGE and according to the Splinterlands lore; Time Mages are members of the Order of the Silver Shield and close associates of the Wizards' Council. They are trusted to peer through the fabric of time and reality to foretell the future or manipulate the present by slowing the flow of time. They can also speed up the aging process of armor, causing it to rust prematurely.

However, with such power also comes great risk. The future is ever-changing, and the ripples of time can affect everyone. Time Mages must undergo strict training to ensure they don't abuse their power and use it only for the most dire of circumstances.

TIME MAGE is a rare monster from the CHAOS LEGION in the LIFE SPLINTER with two abilities: SLOW , which is unlocked automatically at level 1, and RUST , which is unlocked at level 5.



There are two versions of this card, the regular foil, and the gold foil. The regular foil which is much cheaper provides 20 CP/BCX and its counterpart gives 500 CP/BCX.

The regular foil of this card costs $0.168 /bcx at the time of writing and requires 25 BCX to upgrade to level 4, for a total cost of $4.2.

While the gold foil version is automatically leveled up to 2 and costs $2.149 / BCX, upgrading to level 4 requires 4 BCX, which costs $8.596.

Because this card is quite expensive, it can be played without owning it by renting it, and a regular foil 1 bcx would cost 0.1 DEC/DAY and a level 4 would cost 4.367 BCX/DAY. While the level 2 gold foil version costs 0.784 DEC/DAY, the level 4 version costs 40 DEC/DAY.


STRENGTHS. TIME MAGE is a low mana cost card that can be used in most battles that has a 4 SPEED that makes her one of the fastest and most usable monster in the lower league.

WEAKNESS. She is vulnerable due to her low damage, lack of armor, and low HP.


The game has a 21 mana cap and two rulesets: STAMPEDE and EXPLOSIVE WEAPONRY . My main strategy is to maximize my TIME MAGE, her speed and ability will make her deadly in the EXPLOSIVE WEAPONRY ruleset, and I just need to choose my low mana cost monsters wisely to fill all of the 6 positions and make sure they have high speed in order to win the game with speed.


TYRUS PALADIUM is the lowest mana cost summoner I have in the game, and his +1 ARMOR buff will increase the defense of all of my monsters on the field, giving my damage dealers more time to win the game.


PELACOR CONJURER is my primary tank in this game; his MAGIC REFLECT ability can counter the enemy's magical monsters, and his FLYING ability can cause the enemy's physical damage monsters to miss their hits.

SUNKAI HARVESTER is the lineup's secondary tank, primarily due to his ability REACH, but with two armor, he will be able to absorb physical damage from the blast and buy time. At the same time, with his high damage and above-average speed, this monster can also serve as the damage dealer in my lineup.


Because of his OPPORTUNITY ability, CELESTIAL HARPY will be able to eliminate the enemy's weaker monsters and spread out the blast damage from the ruleset, dealing more damage in the enemy's ranks.


DAX PARAGON is one of my two magical damage dealers. This monster was chosen specifically for his ability AMPLIFY; he will be able to boost the MAGIC REFLECT damage from my PELACOR CONJURER, which will be able to reflect more damage to the enemy's magic monsters and possibly eliminate them.

TIME MAGE is a utility and a support monster, she is also the main damage dealer among my magical monsters. Her speed and damage will allow her to eliminate the enemy monsters before they even have a chance to take their turn, and her SLOW ability will reduce all of the enemy monsters' speed, giving me the opportunity to win the game without the enemy taking their turns.


VENARI CRYSTALSMITH is the main support in my lineup; her TANK HEAL ability allows her to support and prolong my tanks to live longer which would buy more time for my damage dealers to finish off the enemy monsters and win me the game.

A battle between defensive summoners from the life splinter, TYRUS PALADIUM vs LORNA SHINE. My TYRUS PALADIUM increases all of my monsters' armor by one, while her LORNA SHINE bestows the DIVINE SHIELD ability on all of her monsters, negating the first damage they take.

Battle Link Here


The SLOW buff from my TIME MAGE made a difference in this match because the enemy tank has the DODGE ability, which makes it difficult for my physical damage monsters to land hits, but because of its reduced speed, my physical damage monster was able to land their shots, which is why I was able to deal damage with his tank even with her CRYSTALSMITH healing it.


Because of the blast damage, I was able to eliminate his STITCH LEECH in the second round and nearly finish his COEURL LURKER, but it was healed in time by her CRYSTALSMITH.


In the end, With only two monsters left in the enemy's lineup and with my speed advantage, I was able to finish all of his monsters without losing anything and easily won the game.


It may not appear so, but this game was extremely close; the game changer was the SLOW from my time mage, which reduced the speed of the enemy CEURL LURKER, allowing my physical monsters to deal damage; this is why I loved using TIME MAGE; she primarily a support but can be a damage dealer or a tank, making physical damage monsters miss due to her speed.
I am very confident in my lineup and will not change anything; even if the opponent goes for a quantity lineup, I believe I will still have the advantage due to my all-arounder lineup.

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