SKARGORE - Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

Hi guys. Another week, another Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge and for the first time in this challenge, I would be picking a summoner because this specific game showed how a summoner could change the tide of the game.

First, we have to know the story of SKARGORE SHATTERGRIP and according to the Splinterlands lore; Skargore Shattergrip began smithing at a young age; initially, she was forbidden to smith due to the damage she caused, but thanks to her hard work and determination, she is now renowned and one of the finest smiths in the realm, which greatly supports in the fight against the Chaos Legion.

SKARGORE is one of the few Epic Summoners from the Fire Splinter, she has 4 mana cost and has the ability to make her monsters gain the ability ENRAGE , which makes the monsters BERSERK that makes them more powerful.



This card is an Epic Fire monster from the RIFTWATCHERS that gives 100 CP/BCX.

At the time of writing, the regular foil of this card costs $3.290 /Bcx, and upgrading to level two requires four more bcx of this card, which costs $13.16 and gives 400 CP.

While the gold foil version of this card costs $30.30 /Bcx, it automatically upgrades to level 2 and gives 2500 CP.

Because this card is expensive, we can play it without owning it by renting it, and I am renting it as well because it is very cheap and would only cost you 0.101 DEC/Day and the level two would cost 5.175 DEC/Day, while the gold foil version would cost the same.


STRENGTHS. Since SKARGORE is an epic summoner, using a level 2 common monsters will be possible with this summoner and with her ability ENRAGE, it would allow the monsters to BERSERK boosting their damage and speed.

WEAKNESS. This summoner has a 4 mana cost and is an epic card that cannot be used in all games and some rulesets will prohibit her use, and her ability ENRAGE alone is a situational ability that provides no advantage in a normal no ruleset game.


The game has only 3 summoners available which are FIRE, EARTH & DEATH which unfortunately the splinters that I don't have. But the game has a 52 mana cap and two rulesets which are STAMPEDE and EQUALIZER which I intend to maximize to gain an advantage and win the game.
To maximize the EQUALIZER ruleset, it would either choose a monster with HEALING ability or go aggressive and pick monsters that have ENRAGE ability and I chose the latter with my SKARGORE giving my monsters ENRAGE ability, I just need a great offensive and defensive monsters to win me the game.


SKARGORE is the summoner and the MVP in the match, her ENRAGE ability in the EQUALIZER ruleset is OverPowered all of my monster's offensive capabilities are going due to increase once their HP is reduced.


RUSTY ANDROID is my main tank due to its ability MAGIC REFLECT; since EARTH SPLINTER is available, I expected the enemy to go for a magic lineup, which is why RUST ANDROID is the best pick against it in my opinion.

MOLTEN OGRE is the secondary tank mainly because of its high HP that will boost my other monsters' HP and at the same time his DEMORALIZE ability will reduce the enemy's melee damage monsters.


URAEUS is the secondary SNEAK monster in the lineup, and his main job is to remove the armor or reduce the HP of the enemy's backline monsters.

SAND WORM is the main damage dealer in my lineup, his 5 raw damage will allow him to finish off most of the enemies in 3 turns.


GARGOYA DEVIL is a needed monster in this lineup because of his range damage and FLYING/CLOSE RANGE ability that will allow this monster to be a tank.

LAVA LAUNCHER is the main range damage dealer and with this monster's high ARMOR, it will be able to last and tank SNEAK monsters buying time for my SAND WORM to finish off the enemy backline monsters.


Battle Link Here


In the first round, the enemy dealt more damage than my monsters; both of my first and last-position monsters were in red HP, whereas I had not reduced his main tank's health and had only halved his last-position monster.

ROUND 2 & 3

In the middle of the second round, we both lost our last position monster but at the third round, my LAVA LAUNCHER high armor was able to tank and lived the offensive onslaught that the enemy SNEAK monsters have.

ROUND 4 & 5

In the fourth round, I was able to eliminate the enemy's tank LEGIONNAIRE before it can take its turn which made my RUSTY ANDROID live for another round but my LAVA LAUNCHER is almost dead because the enemy's SNEAK monsters and my main damage dealer SAND WORM was rendered useless for two consecutive rounds because of the misses. And in the fifth round, we traded kills again with both of our first position monsters.

ROUND 6 & 7

This time in the sixth round, my LAVA LAUNCHER finally falls, and once again my SAND WORM missed twice in a row in both the sixth and seventh rounds but my MOLTEN OGRE was able to eliminate the enemy's SAND WORM, which gives me a numerical advantage.

ROUND 8 - 11

And in the final rounds, my monsters are slowly eliminating the two remaining monsters of the enemy and I was able to win the game in the round 11, only losing my MOLTEN OGRE.


I like SKARGORE because her ability ENRAGE is unique, and if used correctly, she will be a powerful summoner, as shown in my battle above, where I was able to win despite the enemy having a higher level summoner/monsters.
The only thing that I would change in my lineup is to swap my URAEUS with my GARGOYA DEVIL because GARGOYA DEVIL will be an amazing counter against the enemy's SNEAK monsters.

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