Hi guys. I missed the previous WEEKLY BATTLE CHALLENGE due to a busy schedule and procrastination, but this week I am back and chose SHIELDBEARER because this monster is a must-have card in the life splinter, and this post will discuss why.

First, we have to know the story of *SHIELDBEARER according to the Splinterlands lore; The legendary Silver Shield is securely stored on Khymian holy ground, but expert Khymian Armorsmiths have created numerous replicas of the great Shield over the years. Shieldbearers are Khymian soldiers who are assigned to carry these shields. Ironically, Shieldbearers are taught to sacrifice their own bodies in order to protect their shields.

SHIELDBEARER is a TANK from the life splinter with three primary abilities: TAUNT , which is available at level 1, SHIELD , which is available at level 5, and RETURN FIRE , which is available at level 8.



SHIELDBEAERER is a rare card from the life splinter that gives 40CP/BCX in regular foil and 2000CP/BCX in gold foil.

A regular foil of this card costs $8.258/BCX at the time of writing, but the higher level version of this card will be cheaper per bcx according to the Peakmonsters market, with a level 3 of this card costing $6/BCX.

The gold foil version of this card costs $53.63/BCX which is automatically level 2 and provides 2000 CP.

And, because this card is expensive, it can be played without owning it by renting it. This card's level 1 regular foil can be rented for 10.319 DEC/Day and the gold foil for 13.209 DEC/Day.


STRENGTHS. SHIELDBEARER has high base stats and will be a great tank even without its abilities, but with all of his abilities unlocked, he will be a excellent monster to counter PHYSICAL DAMAGE monsters.

SHIELDBEARER'S WEAKNESS is his high mana costs, which make him difficult to play in low mana cap games.


The game has a single ruleset that is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and a 48 mana cap game, which is why SHIELDBEARER is the best monster in this game, he will nullify the ruleset and I just need to choose high damage monsters and supports that will ensure SHIELDBEARER does not die easily.


KRETCH TALLEVOR for the summoner because I am limited in summoners and this is the only leveled summoner in my deck, so I chose this monster to maximize the levels of my monsters.


SHIELDBEARER is the game's main tank and MVP. His TAUNT ability will negate the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ruleset, protecting my other monsters, particularly the damage dealers.

CHAOS KNIGHT is the lineup's backup tank. When my SHIELDBEARER dies, this monster will be the main tank, but because of his high speed and damage, he will be a great damage dealer at the start of the round.

DJINN CHWALA plays a role similar to CHAOS KNIGHT in that it is the third tank but also the damage dealer due to its damage and speed.


DJINN RENOVA is one of my lineup's magical damage dealers, and her ability STRENGTHEN will increase the HP of my monsters, boosting the defensive capabilities of my SHIELDBEARER.

TIME MAGE is also a magic damage dealer in this lineup, and her SLOW ability ensures that I have a speed advantage over the enemy, increasing my offense in this game.

VENARI CRYSTALSMITH is the only range damage in my lineup, as well as the main support due to her TANK HEAL ability, which prevents my SHIELDBEARER from dying.

The enemy and I have the same strategy in this game, let SHIELDBEARER endure the damage while our other monsters do the rest. The difference between our lineup was I went for a mix of physical/magic damage while the enemy went for full physical damage in both range and melee monsters.

Battle Link Here


Our SHIELDBEARER did his job, tanking all of the damage and protecting our damage dealers, but two of his basic damage missed due to the speed difference, which is why my SHIELDBEARER survived even though the enemy had a higher damage output than me.


My TIME MAGE was able to eliminate his SHIELDBEARER at the start of the second round, making his other monsters vulnerable and giving me an advantage. Finally, I was able to eliminate his PELACOR ARBALEST, his primary damage dealer, while only losing my SHIELDBEARER.


The enemy's CHAOS KNIGHT SHIELD ability was rendered useless because two of my magic dealers finished it off before it could take its turn, giving me an advantage.

ROUND 4 & 5

I was able to easily finish off two of his range damage dealers in the fourth round, and with only one monster remaining from the enemy lineup, I was able to win the game soundly in the fifth round.


SHIELDBEARER is one of my favorite tanks in the life splinter; I always use it, especially in the SUPER SNEAK and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY rulesets or when playing defensively. And he remains the only monster in the life splinter with the TAUNT ability, making him invaluable.
The only thing that I would change in my lineup was placing my SHIELDBEARER in a different position instead of the first position. The enemy had a better monster placement for his SHIELDBEARER because it did not receive any damage from my first position monster which makes it live until the second round.

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