MYCELIC INFANTRY - Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

Hello everyone, it's been a while, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!. I started writing this blog a few weeks ago for the MYCELIC INFANTRY challenge but was unable to complete it due to real life commitments, which is why I am planning to write this SPL challenge daily for 15 minutes every day just to ensure I finish one, but with that being said, I would like to share this specific match with you because it demonstrated how great this monster is.

To begin, we must learn about the MYCELIC INFANTRY. According to Splinterlands lore; Mycelic Infantry are lumbering behemoth fungus. They are the least intelligent of the Mycelia and are used as a strong defense. They are extremely tough but extremely slow.

MYCELIC INFANTRY is a powerful monster that is both a great tank against physical damage and a damage dealer. This monster has three abilities: SHIELD , GIANT KILLER , and ENRAGED .



MYCELIC INFANTRY is a rare monster from the CHAOS LEGION that provides 20 CP/BCX for the regular foil and 500 CP/BCX for the gold foil.

At the time of writing, the regular foil of this card costs $0.116/bcx, and upgrading it to level 3 to boost its basic stats and would require 14 bcx, for a total cost of $2.044.

While the gold foil version of this card is automatically at level 2, it costs $1.957 /bcx and to upgrade this card to level 3 it would require 2 bcx, which costs $3.914.

This card can also be rented instead of purchased; a level 1 regular foil of this card costs 0.1 DEC/Day, and a level 3 costs 0.720 DEC/Day. The gold foil version of this card costs 0.651 DEC/Day at level 2, while the level 3 version costs 1.333 DEC/Day.


STRENGTHS, this card is one of the cheaper and better physical tanks from the EARTH SPLINTER, his SHIELD ability allows him to reduce the damage he takes from physical damage monsters while it can also tank magic damage with his high HP, and this monster is not only a tank because of his raw damage 3, he can also be a damage dealer.

WEAKNESS. MYCELIC INFANTRY costs 8 mana to play, which is why I only use him in mid to high mana cap games, and his 1 speed is disadvantageous because he can die before dealing any damage.


The game has a TARGET PRACTICE ruleset and a 25 mana cap game. In this match, I have very few options; the only summoner available to me is MYLOR CROWLING, who is great against melee damage, so my plan is to select a defensive lineup that counters melee damage, picking supports by selecting a monster that will further enhance their defensive capabilities, and finally a monster that can counter magic damage.


MYLOR CROWLING is the best summoner against all MELEE DAMAGE monsters, and its ability THORNS is actually my main damage in this lineup. If the opponent goes with a heavy melee lineup, this summoner will undoubtedly shine and help me win the game.


MYCELIC INFANTRY is the best monster in my lineup for countering physical damage monsters; his SHIELD ability, along with his high HP and ARMOR, will further enhance his survivability against physical damage, and this monster can also be a damage dealer due to his three melee attacks, which will undoubtedly hurt the enemy's first position monster.

MINOTAUR WARRIOR, is the second tank in my lineup due to its ability REACH. This is a disposable monster in my lineup that I chose solely for its ability, but with its armor and speed, this monster will undoubtedly contribute to both damage and defense.

FAILED SUMMONER is my third line of defense; its main job is to counter the enemy's MAGIC damage monsters or to receive damage from both magic and range damage monsters, allowing my MYCELIC INFANTYRY to live longer and deal more damage.


WOOD NYMPH is a support in my lineup; her TANK HEAL ability will ensure that my MYCELIC INFANTRY lives longer, giving me a better chance of winning.

QUEEN MYCELIA is the final monster in my lineup and another support due to her PROTECT ability, which grants +2 armor to all of my monsters in the field, protecting them from any SNEAK, SNIPE, & OPPORTUNITY monsters.

Both MYLOR CROWLING and WIZARD OF EASTWOOD are from the EARTH SPLINTER and are great against physical damage monsters, but MYLOR CROWLING is a defensive summoner, whereas WIZARD OF EASTWOOD is an aggressive summoner.

Battle Link Here


Even though the enemy summoner countered my QUEEN MYCELIA ability PROTECT, the enemy went for a heavy melee lineup, which MYLOR CROWLING excels at. I was able to deal damage to most of the enemy monsters in the first round, but I lost my QUEEN MYCELIA in the process.


I lost my WOOD NYMPH in the second round, but I was able to eliminate both of his SNEAK monsters, and the rest of his physical damage monsters are in low health.


And in the final round, I was able to win the game without losing any more monsters thanks to the SHIELD ability of my MYCELIF INFANTRY and THORNS from MYLOR CROWLING.


Because of his above-average armor and SHIELD ability, MYCELIC INFANTRY is one of the best tanks against physical damage monsters in the EARTH SPLINTER, which is why I loved using this monster; I always use this monster if I know the enemy will go for a physical damage lineup.
This is not a perfect lineup; there are many improvements that can be made, but because I have limited monsters in my deck, I won't be able to change/upgrade my lineup.

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