Hello everyone, it's been a long time. I've been away due to real life obligations, but I'm hoping to return and resume posting my blogs on a regular basis. And with that being said, I chose DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR for this week's Splinterlands Battle Challenge because I am renting out my MOLTEN ASH GOLEM and I had an amazing battle with DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR that I wanted to share.

First, we have to know the story of DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR and according to the Splinterlands lore; Unofficially, Dhampir Infiltrators work as spies, thieves, and assassins for the Gloridax Empire. They are particularly skilled at their work due to their half-vampire ancestry; they have the unnatural reflexes, strength, and agility of a vampire while being unaffected by sunlight. They do, however, require blood to survive, and dragon blood is extremely potent. It's rumored that the Gloridax supply the Infiltrators with an abundance to further enhance their already extraordinary abilities.

DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR has a variety of abilities. Double Strike and SNEAK will be available at level 1, CRIPPLE will be available at level 5, and AFFLICTION will be available at level 8.



DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR is a Dragon Splinter and a rare monster card from the Chaos Legion Deck. The regular foil version gives 20 CP/BCX, whereas the gold foil version provides 500 CP/BCX.

At the time of writing, the regular foil of this card costs $0.017 /BCX, and upgrading to level 3 requires 14 bcx for a total cost of $0.238, which also includes 280 CP.

While the gold foil version costs $.078 /BCX and is automatically upgraded to level 2, upgrading to level 3 requires 2 bcx and costs $1.56, which also gives a 1000 CP.

This card can also be rented and used without owning it. Level 1 regular foil will cost 0.1 DEC/Day, while level 3 will cost 0.121 DEC/Day. The level 2 gold foil version costs 2.496 DEC/Day to rent, while the level 3 costs 5.154 DEC/Day.


STRENGTHS. DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR is one of the cheapest and most powerful offensive juggernauts you can use in low mana cap games; with her SNEAK and DOUBLE STRIKE abilities, she can eliminate the backline monster on her own.

WEAKNESS. DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR has only 2 HP at level 1, and even if upgraded, she only has 3 HP without armor, leaving her vulnerable to SNEAK/OPPORTUNITY monsters.


The game has a mana cap of 27 and a single LOST MAGIC ruleset . And, because there will be no magic monsters in the game, my plan was to maximize my *DHAMPIR INFILTRATORoffensive **'s capabilities by selecting a summoner that can increase her melee damage and selecting two tanks that can buy time and deal damage at the same time while my DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR finishes off the enemy backline monsters one by one.


DARIA DRAGONSCALE is the summoner who will boost my DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR offense even more, as her +1 melee damage ability will increase the damage of all of my melee monsters and is a perfect fit for my lineup.


I picked DJINN CHWALA because there are no magic monsters in the game, this monster's high HP and ARMOR will be able to handle the damage from the enemy monsters, and his THORNS ability and 3 melee damage will make him a great threat against melee damage monsters and enemy frontline monsters.

TWILIGHT BASILISK will be the second tank due to its REACH ability, which allows this monster to deal damage even if placed in the second position, and his 3-speed combined with 3 damage makes this monster a great damage dealer.


URAEUS is one of my SNEAK combo monsters, and its primary job is to finish off monsters that have been damaged by my DHAMPIRE INFILTRATOR, as this monster has three melee attacks that will undoubtedly end the enemy's backline monsters' lives.

DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR is the main character in this lineup, this lineup is specially built for this monster. Her abilities SNEAK and DOUBLE STRIKE will be deadly that will allow her to eliminate the enemy backline monsters by herself or she can eliminate two monsters in a single turn with her abilities along with the buff from DARIA DRAGONSCALE.


NAGA ASSASSIN is one of my deck's range damage dealers; her main job was to tank any SNEAK monsters and buy time for my DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR.

ACID SHOOTER, like my NAGA ASSASSIN, serves as the backline defense, tanking damage from enemy SNEAK monsters, and their range damage is unaffected by any THORNS abilities.

A battle of DRAGON SUMMONERS. My offensive DARIA DRAGONSCALE versus the defensive DRAKE OF ARNAK, but I believe I have the upper hand due to the level of our monsters.

Battle Link Here


We traded damage at the starting round, the enemy's armor buff from his summoner increased his monster's survivability, but my SNEAK monster's damage output was too much and I was able to eliminate his main damage dealer DHAMPIR STALKER.


A similar scenario happened in the second round, my monsters destroyed the enemy's armor and I was able to eliminate both his front and backline without losing any monsters in return.


The final round was a massacre, with the enemy tank dead and armor removed, my monster was able to finish off the remaining of his monsters.


I've been away for more than two weeks and haven't played Splinterlands in that time, but I'm glad my strategies still work. I really enjoy using DHAMPIR INFILTRATOR, especially with DARIA DRAGONSCALE, which increases her offense even more; I always use this combo whenever I have the chance, and it always yields good results.
The only thing I would change in my lineup is swapping my 6th and 5th position monsters, and I would place my NAGA ASSASSIN in the last position due to her speed, which would allow her to dodge the enemy's SNEAK monsters.

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