Exode game - how to get your NFT PLANET, step by step! Updated 5/19/21


Greetings, first of all I am addressing to the newly arrived pilots.

So you've just encountered this great game?
A lot of mechanics, tons of information, general angularity of the alpha version, a huge cold space, dynamic gameplay ...
Anyone can get confused at first, but calm! Everything is much easier than it seems!

And so what is our main goal atm?!



in the form of an NTF token assigned to your account.
This will be available ONLY at the Alpha development stage and,
according to the developer words, will give a significant "interest"
in the final version of this project! Awesome right?


lets star at beging

  1. I tried different browsers, in Brave everything seems to be the most clear and stable.

  2. This blockchain game is HIVE! Who is not familiar with the HIVE blockchain? general info: https://jryze.me/hive/

  3. Registration through this shell without SMS https://ecency.com

  4. To store keys and smooth entry to all Hive applications, we install ourselves this addon to the browser https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hive-keychain/jcacnejopjdphbnjgfaaobbfafkihpep there is a mobile version. /@keychain/hive-keychain-mobile-release-android-and-ios

  1. Get a bit hive to your wallet from binance for example. *If you need a p2p deal wax = hive (for a starter, more on this below), we make a deal contact me here: https://t.me/nftopgames

Okay, guys, I hope you figure it out ... The platform is fast, clear, without any fee payments for transactions.


Yes, the "price" of the needed for start deck is $ 10 in HIVE at the current exchange rate.
I like both a scientific and a military? on your taste ... From the starter we get: an epic ship, a soso strong team, weapons, stuff. ** + to my referrals 2 PACKs of 5 cards from the game + a limited offer from me! The next 3 referrals will receive 1 pack as a gift! my Reff: 046382c my post about this: /@kobusu/declare-exode-newcomers-only-landing

It is possible that your investment from these 3 packs will pay off, the drop rait is very tasty! For example, my lucky 30 packs:
And you will be spawned (located) not far from me and our greatest! =) community team in a far far galaxy ... Upon reaching 10 referrals, everyone will receive an additional epic officer and something like ... Ok, let's make a note that all these bonuses from the game (2 packs and an epic) will be assigned (binded) to the account, so that there is no point to exploit and do a lat alts.
Okay, let's not be distracted, you have already the open starter?

And so let's get started to the game:

The fact that the game is an alpha version will only make our task easier.
Since now there is a limited set of mechanics, and of those that are available and can be tested, most have no much effect on the result! (for example, rescuing passengers and loading goods, etc.). Except for a few rather important points that we will talk about ...

1 - We pass on this route:





2 - Assign the best available in the expedition formation menu (for example, let's take a scientific starter):


We just add starting from the original. And take turns filling slots ... If you, like me, have many cards you don't have to "bother" too much, we don't need the planetary equpment etc yet at this stage .. ...


The team is complete! One moment I do not see the pilot card of the scientific starter ... Let's try to compensate at the next stage. A good pilot will be needed at the very end ... Therefore, this is a very important step in the preparation stage for departure. There was definitely a pilot in the military ...

3 Lets come here ...



4 We got to the menu:


Here you can "stick" for a very long time ... by choosing stats, origin, etc. for each individual crew member. A very interesting and well-developed phase!
However, at this stage of development, there is no significant (maybe I don’t know something) influence on the achievement of our goal. So let's not go too deep ...

5 With the exception of PILOT, also be useful get expert in planetary science (But not necessarily, further it will be clear why).
Oh, I was flipping through the team members and already thought that we would fail this mission, but the scientific starter still has one lady with the PILOTING skill


Pumping in ... not much, but at least we have one.

It would also be good to throw out Stealth with a random skill: (I'll try)
spent all attempts...no, okay, let this one be, also in a topic like ...



I advise you to remember pilot name. In the game it will be difficult to understand who is where because of random skins for not very cool crew.

6 All crew prepared, so we can Dock at station!


I filmed such a video gameplay after preparation you may check them!

So Get ready to act actively but completely without haste and panic, there should be enough time even if you only have a starter pack.

Let's sort out the most important points in order:

  1. We are bubbling onto our ship.
  2. Lets immediately issue two most important orders without which we will not be able to go further!

2.1 Refueling the ship! just give this order 2 to any team member:
2.2 Fix the hyperdrive! here is this button:
_.png _.png
The pilot (and we remember his name!) have to do it faster!

We control the pilot, if he gets lost due to random twists and turns, it makes no sense for us to fly further, in the cargo hold and the airlock (two right rooms) marauders shoots...

All that important now is to wait until our guys prepare the ship for launch.

In the meantime, you may entertain yourself ... load a couple of cargo, try to guard the gateway if you have anything you can shoot off sabotagers, try game mechanics...

Do not delay with the start ... the team will be healthier :) we have nothing to catch here!


if we successfully pass the "evacuation" then we can start again in case of fall from the second stage of the "Scan".


Scanning stage!

And so, what is there ... The main thing is we need fly to THE PLANET erlier then ufo destroy our ship! that's why we ran around with the pilot and remembered his name! =) For example, on a scientific build, I succeeded with attempt # 3 ... an ordinary pilot did not always succeed (but a military starter is easier).

So lets notice what kind of planet how long to fly to it :)

Estimate the name of the planet. If it categorically does not suit you, you will have to start over begingn, what to do (you will live with it later :) ... According to the developer words, the name of the planet is formed by a special script by randome.

Look so far all that we know about the planet is its name and type, there are jungs, an ice world ... Update: some details have been revealed:
Click on the planet in our nft:

at the next development stage, we will find out the rarity and parameters of our planet and there may be probably a chance to reroll, BUT this is not certain!

  1. Further, everything is need appoint the most advanced pilot who is on top?))

But no, it was not there! We remembered who the pilot) we press the little button "next" and here it is, on the second page. at the very bottom


I suffered much once before it got to me =)
what to do alpha is alpha ...

2.Choosing a flight mode! In my experience, the optimal that is the fastest flies mode!

The current experiment has also confirmed this ...

3.So we haven't scanned the planet yet.
Appoint a top researcher Scan, don't worry too much because it is scanned faster than we will fly to planet:
What scan mode? And in my opinion it does not matter yet. It is possible to scan in several modes at the same time, but this leads to the fact that UFO knocking us out (not sure about that)...

So we are just flying in the meantime ... if you have a starter, then get ready mentally that it will probably be necessary to try this stage several times, my strong deck flew without problems the first time, for example. Do not worry, you can do it at the end keep try antil sucess. Or, worry, get a little adrenaline :)
Huh ... well friends, our mission is coming to an end ... As soon as the distance to the planet is reduced to 0. The LANDING button will light up


Let’s squeeze yes quickly!
We choose any method and as soon as possible!
We don't want to be shot down in orbit, do we?

That's all "science" ladies and gentlemen cosmo captains, and now the proud owners of the whole NFT planet! Mysterious but very interesting ...

Check availability just in case! :


There are questions income, "what is all this for and where does the profit come from?"

Once again I will clarify this while the test of the future game in which there is NO FARM, yet! Everything that is in test mode (except for a few past events) and ongoin this one cool! But there is a strong community, working cards market (growth sales rates in connection with the current event). Pool of holders who participated in the pre-sale of various contracts (now they mint randome cards once a week.) A year ago and already make their first x and hold further...

And the main thing is the talented developer @elindos! (in my opinion he is a genius) so original deep gamepla on blokchain just amaizing! Also check out his communication with the players take a look at the discord https://discord.gg/GZcYNXz see how people react to the game etc ... There is a development log in the corresponding section of the discord.
Think for yourself guys. No financial advice just a howto post, ok?)
Separately, Developer reserve what is interested in the game to be not only fun but also profitable. And investors should not be disappointed, so I really hope so ...

Here's what awaits us pretty soon, I hope:

Just appreciate the scale of the plan and the "finished" part of the game. According to my optimistic thoughts, at least half a year before beta in the finished version (with the ability not just to test but really use your deck and farm like a mad, NFT mints on our planets and so on ...

And for dessert, some concepts and plans in the game FOR THE FUTURE:






For additions to this post I will be very grateful! English is not my native language, let me know if I made any stupid mistakes please...

Not forgot to use my reff 046382c for get bonuses: /@kobusu/declare-exode-newcomers-only-landing

Come to our chat we will discuss crypto games and communicate ...
https://t.me/nftopgames we are international crypto intusiasts.

Explore the game deeper by your self it's pretty interesting ...:
https://discord.gg/GZcYNXz #faq https://exodegame.com/wiki/
Check the main team blogs: @elindos @khazrakh and athers.

Until next meet, in the universe?


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