The Minotaur Warrior GF post from myself made me decide I should go for the 100 Chaos packs. A calculation!

Splinterlands is booming and I feel my own FOMO for new cards burning inside me. For some reason I was scrolling through the legendary cards and I saw this Gold Foil Minotaur Warrior passing by for the price of $25.000 (yes that is twenty five thousand US Dollars) and then I thought

"But didn't I own one of those waaaay back?"

Only to conclude that I had this bad boy when I was looking up the post from it from two years ago. Check it out in my old post


Already back in those days buddies @uwelang @gillianpearce and @bubke were literally all convincing me not to sell the card but I did for 184 HIVE. A good deal at the time a bad deal in these days. And they were right!

So it was time to come to the conclusion that I just really want more cards so I have decided to get into the 100 pack deal from Splinterlands to buy Chaos pack. Why 100 packs? Because you get 10 packs for free and 10 packs is 50 cards with a chance of getting something nice.

Okay okay and I just like opening packs, fair enough

Finance Time!

So it is time for some finance to make this happen, because I only have 2000 SPS staked and not the biggest collection of cards. The biggest reason why I am writing this all out if to make the calculations for myself in this one and to figure out when the best moment is to buy all of these packs. Because a bit of a change in the market can have a decent ripple effect on these prices and what I will be needing

So the start of what we need.

100 Vouchers at a current price of $17.70 = $1770
100 Chaos cards a fixed price of $4 = $400

So far still easy. But I want to buy the 100 packs with SPS because you get 10% discount with buying them. Discount on the SPS, discount on the 100 packs +10 packs for free. You see where I am coming from right?

So the SPS current price for 100 packs = 510 SPS

No problems up until here


Now the good thing is that we all have money growing from a tree currently because we get SPS every day and we get vouchers every day.

But damn these vouchers are expensive. In 33 days the pre sale will have finished and it is hard to say what the price will do. Either people have enough packs by then and dump it. Or people will have enough SPS to buy the cards with and the vouchers run down, FOMO kicks in and price will go up.

So roughly until the end I will receive 33 x 0.47 VOUCHER for free = 15 VOUCHER. I could also just buy the market of them now and sell these vouchers on the daily to also get some $$ back.

But I am calculating that I will have to buy all of my vouchers and I will use the hive-engine price for that which is currently 2280 HIVE for 100 vouchers.

So I need 2280 HIVE for vouchers and 510 SPS for packs. Remember this is all in current prices.

When I look at my current liquidities I have 1775 HIVE liquid in the wallet (see that is why you need some liquid for stupid stuff like this) and I have 358 SPS liquid after minussing the SPS needed for the packs. 358 = 322 HIVE.
Now on the daily I can sell around 35000 Starbits from the Rising Star Game which is about 11 HIVE per day. Also also just with daily playing Splinterlands and renting out some cards I collect like 400 DEC per day which is 6.8 HIVE per day.

Also I get like 34 SPS per day from the daily airdrop which is around 30 HIVE per day. So in total these daily drops are 11+6+34 = say 50 HIVE per day.

This means that in current prices I will be able to finally buy my 100 packs in 4-5 days without getting any external funding in but just with the funding which I have.

Okay the fomo is here but I can wait that long I guess. Lets keep some fingers crossed that the price of VOUCHERS goes does down for a bit so I can get some cheaper or that the price of HIVE and/or SPS goes up.

I even considered selling some cards to raise these funds that then hubby here said: 'ahh, to sell them so these sold ones will also be worth that much in two years'

Amen to that. I got to get these funds together myself. Donations in VOUCHER are also welcome ;)

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