Pokemon Trading Card game online (#TradeitForward)


I recently had this post on the pokemon tag first but figured hive gaming and 1up was more relevant for this? Please let me know if I did this incorrectly

@jeffjefferson42 I'm not sure if you are on this site anymore as your post are 2-3 years old, but to anyone who wants to onboard users to hive on pokemon trading card game online I'm down to help although we couldn't offer packs for people to be onboarded to hive, but I don't see the harm in promoting their game through here and then just showing love to the community at large with packs.

Some thoughts

  • packs probably can't and shouldn't be given as a reward and activity metric as it maybe against terms of services.
  • linking to hive posts which gives away packs maybe a good way to create awareness on a broader platform
    -if any of you play pokemon or kids enjoy it maybe use as a free download and get some packs for your kids to enjoy
    -the game isn't about monetization, but about just playing a game you like and being able to have an enjoyable experience opening packs

Anyone in community who is active on game I'm down to work with and partner to help get these packs into community members hands or to help onboard people onto hive to talk about pokemon, allow some kids to open online pokemon packs for free for enjoyment, or whatever.

#tradeitforward was something I really wanted to work on and just offer random people in game packs just to brighten up their day and to ask them to trade it forward, but it was put on a pause as pokemon muted me for saying it in game which makes sense as they want to make sure people aren't diluted.
One of the things I wanted to work on but tabled for now until I move to the Philippines and am able to hire out a team to help with some of my ideas and to help facilitate and build communities I believe in or support. My selfish reasons are obviously to promote and create a brand, but there is no reason we can't do that and build and foster growth in communities along the way. I also wanted to change the narrative of values within the trading card community as the players/gamers who love the games end up paying insane entry prices in the end.

I'm down to give part of this if not all away to the right communities and projects that can move this forward. Also if you or your kids play can just post username here and we can link in game and I can drop some goodies for you guys <3


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